The Republican Party rape advisory chart
From Gift-from-God to Enjoyable.
The Republican Party rape advisory chart
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Kenseiden (26 Oct, 2012) Reply
Prision Corrections Officer (26 Oct, 2012) Reply
Of course none of this applies to those instances of insititutional rape.
hwuu (26 Oct, 2012) Reply
When you do the democrat version don't forget Bill Clinton: "Your gonna want to put some Ice on that".
Flash635 (30 Oct, 2012)
I don't think they call it rape if a girl willingly succumbs to a man's charm.
Brittpe (26 Oct, 2012) Reply
I despair of the people who run this superpower, I really do.
Brtittype #2 (26 Oct, 2012) Reply
Oh snap!
EUro (26 Oct, 2012) Reply
Well, that is sick. Americans really vote such perverts?
euRO(mney) (26 Oct, 2012)
not really, in Tejas administrative positions are inherited, much like a in a monarchy.
Taliban (26 Oct, 2012)
Bah, these Republicans are amateurs.
Color Rape (26 Oct, 2012) Reply
Did they make this painful to read on purpose? If you want to get a message across, perhaps it's best to make the information easy to absorb. Is this a friggin' crayola ad? NO, it's a huge dose of headache fuel.
winterhog (26 Oct, 2012)
Well, it is probably an attempt to associate rainbow (a popular gay pride symbol) with rape thus creating a subliminal association between homosexuals and rape. Well played, I would say, well played.
Limmy Tangham (26 Oct, 2012) Reply
Wtf, Ron Paul?
Cold Shower (26 Oct, 2012) Reply
The Democrat chart only has one category:
1. All sex between a male and female is rape.
EUro (26 Oct, 2012)
No, that's Sweden.
Faun (26 Oct, 2012)
That's not either. All unconsensual sex is rape. End.
@ EUro (27 Oct, 2012)
How true.
winterhog (26 Oct, 2012) Reply
It is pretty disconcerting that people who criticize their political opponents have loose grasp on basic legal knowledge. Forcible rape is a legal term, as opposed to statutory rape that remains a felony even if it was consensual (such as a sexual act with a person under the age of consent). And 'legitimate rape' may be used as shortening of 'legitimate rape case' as is a case of actual sexual assault (a felony that must be both real and illegal) as opposed to consensual sex that was falsely reported as a rape out in an act of malice or vengeance.
random guy (28 Oct, 2012) annoying to see people who make fun of others for not understanding when they dont understand them selves
Ogoboso (10 Mar, 2014)
Nice interpretation - I'm guessing Fox News fed you that?
..the context is provided - RIGHT THERE for you to read. The people quoted were obviously not trying to point out legal definitions.
Slick Willy (26 Oct, 2012) Reply
Funny. But while all these people were being stupid on the subject of rape, a Democratic president was guilty of it.
Now who cares about "womyn's" issues?
Juanita Broderick (26 Oct, 2012)
biggerthanwatergate (26 Oct, 2012) Reply
Anything to distract from Benghazi. White House/state dept knew what was going on, leaked email show that. Situation room watched live feed of the attack. Now CIA command refused to help Benghazi consulate during attack!
random guy (28 Oct, 2012)
all obama cares about is getting bad so many people dont see what you said as the serious issue....
faroutman (26 Oct, 2012) Reply
Where do the Republicans stand on raping oneself?
Neuron (26 Oct, 2012)
Republicans have no sex.
filthy commie (26 Oct, 2012) Reply
Blame Obama and the dems for being more right wing than Reagan was in the e80s.
Whoopi (26 Oct, 2012) Reply
But is it "rape" rape?
mewithmyopinion (26 Oct, 2012) Reply
well, it's mostly funny in a sick sense, but the last one has a certainly good advice hidden, as most rapers are aroused by the act of rape (power). in case the victim starts acting (or trying) to enjoy it may cause the raper lose interest.
Unfortunately (27 Oct, 2012)
I don't really think most people can bring up the concentration and calm required to act well enough to fake the raper during the act itself..
Ken (27 Oct, 2012) Reply
Okay, so Republicans don't really understand rape but is there any doubt that most rapists are Democrats?
Barry (27 Oct, 2012) Reply
Anpther bored socialism supporter in the making.
Pickles (27 Oct, 2012) Reply
LMAO!!!! Not so much at just the chart itself, but because the banner ad that came up on this was for ""
Canola Oil (27 Oct, 2012)
I got "Celebrate a baby on the way with M&M's"
crank (27 Oct, 2012) Reply
what's worse talking about rape, or Bill Clinton sexually assaulting women?
random guy (28 Oct, 2012) Reply
the point able legitimate rape is there are women who have sex and then break up with the guy, or the guy cheat or something , so then the women reports it as rape, while it was actuallly consensual...dishonest rape would be a better term for that....but still i found that chart ot be humorous....(although with the democrats anything but gay marriage is apparently wrongso in their eyse marriage is man and man or woment and women...
lolling (28 Oct, 2012)
You know that you're not helping your side with this one, right?
Sandman (29 Oct, 2012) Reply
Funny how the vast majority of actual rapists in prison are democrats?
Republican (31 Oct, 2012) Reply
That's why I'm not a republican.
Guy on the Internet (28 Nov, 2012)
Well, you just completely contradicted yourself
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