Hershey's gangsta
Chicks dig guys who pour chocolate sauce on themselves in public bathrooms.
Hershey's gangsta
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TREWOR (26 Oct, 2012) Reply
mackie (28 Oct, 2012)
it is normal here in USA
:O (12 May, 2013)
hagen dazs (26 Oct, 2012) Reply
Is this how you make double chocolate?
Tay Zombay (26 Oct, 2012) Reply
This is pure chocholate rain.
Mejustme (26 Oct, 2012) Reply
He was hit with an ugly stick.
WhoDat? (26 Oct, 2012) Reply
Brickhead (26 Oct, 2012) Reply
He rather should eat the sauce to gain some weight.
InJah (26 Oct, 2012)
He's in a perfectly fine shape, You fat ****!
shc (26 Oct, 2012) Reply
Sad that he gets more girls than all of us.
truth (26 Oct, 2012)
speak for your self
thc (26 Oct, 2012)
Who needs girls, prohibit girls and legalize da w33d!
Guy (26 Oct, 2012)
If girls are prohibited then who do I smoke weed with?
thc (27 Oct, 2012)
LoL by urself or with you buddies. Stupip question.
I-Girl (26 Oct, 2012) Reply
Then what ?
faroutman (26 Oct, 2012) Reply
Just say no to crack.
spencer (26 Oct, 2012) Reply
HOLD the damn camera still
dudewhat (27 Oct, 2012) Reply
avon barksdale!
Kole (27 Oct, 2012) Reply
I thought that was motor oil hahaha
Sangheli (28 Oct, 2012) Reply
Humans need to learn birth control or weed out the scum.
BS Detector (28 Oct, 2012) Reply
What a waste of chocolate syrup!
Willy Wonka (5 Nov, 2012) Reply
This guy's a complete tosser. You'll never see me doing something so weak.
GENIVE (5 Nov, 2012) Reply
me (19 Nov, 2012) Reply
SWAG lol
bbillionair hung with wings (1 Dec, 2012) Reply
what a gangsta wannabe
Gravdigr The Truthdealer (13 Dec, 2013) Reply
You is a fool lookin ****.
SMMFH (27 Jan, 2014) Reply
Because he has on a doo-rag and shades he is a gansta? Ahhh, the life of creating, vilifying and placing labels upon people you hate. Must be tiresome. What if he is just a noncriminal that likes to wear ummm 'i don't know' clothing that he thinks looks good on him.
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