Some people are not very bright.
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Trollolol (24 Oct, 2012) Reply
I don't want to live on this planet anymore...
Mr. Time (24 Oct, 2012)
You should probably le brace yourself for le going le away.
The fourth of June (25 Oct, 2012)
Last time I checked, you don't anymore.
Adam (24 Oct, 2012) Reply
Hey, thanks. I'll stop by and pick it up. Just send me a txt with your address.
Duh (24 Oct, 2012) Reply
That's why you need to look for "Mom", "Dad" or "Home" numbers.
Vecis (24 Oct, 2012) Reply
I red trough 4x thinking i missed something. But no. That`s just is so. This is the reason why i don`t have any friends?
lololo (24 Oct, 2012)
Adam (the first contact at the contact list, whom the person who found the cellphone sent the message) got the message and texted his friend, but in this case, the friend's cellphone was with the guy who found the cellphone and texted Adam in the first place.
He should have called the friend who lost the phone at another number or by e-mail, for example.
Got it?
@lololo (24 Oct, 2012)
:SIGH: Was an explanation necesary?
Vecis (26 Oct, 2012)
Obviously i have to explain my comment to you, lololo.
I don`t have any friends because 99.9% people on this planet is stupid. Just like Adam.
Kahzâd-hâns (24 Oct, 2012) Reply
You have my axe Troll!
two adams (25 Oct, 2012) Reply
adam has friend named adam who lost his phone
tragicMagic (25 Oct, 2012) Reply
The guy who owned the phone died after being beaten up in Pittsburgh. It was on the news.
Legendre (27 Oct, 2012) Reply
KIKI (4 Nov, 2012)
That's so funny
Bxtch pleaz@@13--- (15 Nov, 2012) Reply
How to get funny pix
Its definetly.... (4 Jul, 2013) Reply
A girl... Brains of gals... Enuf said...
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