Clever nerdy t-shirt
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Father (22 Oct, 2012) Reply
Can't tell if ugly guy or hideous girl.
LandLord (22 Oct, 2012)
Be nice!
Mother (22 Oct, 2012)
Father, I guess you are much uglier than both together. And you still wonder why I left you.
Uncle (22 Oct, 2012)
Near complete lack of breasts suggests a guy. I wouldn't take the chance just to be on the safe side.
Sister (22 Oct, 2012)
SHE is wearing earrings-little dangley ones- it's a girl.
Son (22 Oct, 2012)
I'm wearing your dangley earnings right now Sis, and one of your skirts. ;)
Just my 2ยข (22 Oct, 2012)
No Adam's apple...
@father (22 Oct, 2012)
You will have to see if she gets her periodic table each month.
Yerp (23 Oct, 2012)
there is the outline of a bra you can see through the shirt..Im guessing chick based on that and the earrings
Nice (23 Oct, 2012)
Don't say "lack of breasts". Use the politically correct term: "Tic Tac Smuggler".
Stranger from the Street (23 Oct, 2012)
If you guys can't see that this is a woman then you need medical care of different kinds. Now. Immediately. ASAP.
raaw (22 Oct, 2012) Reply
Yes, I also am crazy 'bout that merkury
All names were taken (22 Oct, 2012) Reply
He's just a Sponge Bob, from a poor family...
What? (22 Oct, 2012)
Should we spare him his life?
Indeed (23 Oct, 2012)
Patrick Starfish - very, very frightening
Higgs Boson (24 Oct, 2012)
Nothing really matter to me
proper credits (22 Oct, 2012) Reply
you can buy the tshirt here... (visit link)
The Doctor (22 Oct, 2012) Reply
The problem, as I see it, is the this person has had too much contact with mercury and it has damaged the brain and therefore the thinking process.
KJ (22 Oct, 2012) Reply
Is that Freddie Mercury or SpongeBob SquarePants?
Cyborg Bob (23 Oct, 2012)
It's a woman in a shirt.
Normal Guy (23 Oct, 2012)
@Bob ..a woman in a shirt...In need of a makeover...
Hermes' Ghost (23 Oct, 2012) Reply
It's a free world ~ all you have to do is fall in love..
leftuser (24 Oct, 2012) Reply
Freddy Mercury Forever!!! :)
Person (24 Oct, 2012) Reply
Fake Quick Silver T-shirt
josh (24 Jan, 2014) Reply
Oh now I get it Freddie Mercury lol.
also lol@tictacsmugler
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