Your car
Where you feel the most comfortable picking your nose in public.
Your car
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ohmygawd (22 Oct, 2012) Reply
My car, how did you know?!
LandLord (22 Oct, 2012)
I've seen you doing it.
S (23 Oct, 2012)
Snot funny.
ImageLord (22 Oct, 2012) Reply
That too so long to load on my screen and it wasn't worth it.
TimeMaster (22 Oct, 2012)
How long exactly? 1.2 seconds or 1.4 seconds?
car (22 Oct, 2012) Reply
looks like the place have been picked.
HDYK (22 Oct, 2012) Reply
On the backseat of a stranger's car?
you (22 Oct, 2012) Reply
can pick your nose, you can picks your friends, but you can't pick your friend's nose.
Finger Expert (22 Oct, 2012)
It's been done...
me (23 Oct, 2012)
Challenge accepted!
What?!?!? (22 Oct, 2012) Reply
I thought I was completely invisible once I got into this big galss bubble!
Never mind, I dont care what you think, and I have to pick my nose if you wont pick it for me.
Ooh (22 Oct, 2012) Reply
A Honda.
AVNISH KUMAR (26 Oct, 2012) Reply
GGG (27 Oct, 2012) Reply
Yes, I do.
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