Every episode of the Walking Dead
Why am I even still watching it?
Every episode of the Walking Dead
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Lori (22 Oct, 2012) Reply
I'm a stupid moron that makes EVERYTHING WORSE
HolyMother (22 Oct, 2012)
I agree, she is so very tedious and make women look bad. If she didn't have that special skill of latching onto the useful men in the group I feel that she would have been dead long ago, and she drove one of them crazy..Stupid cow
LogiC (23 Oct, 2012)
Juniper (23 Oct, 2012)
Yes, yes you are. And we're all hoping you die while giving birth to a zombie baby.
Holland (20 Nov, 2012)
These replies made me confused. Then I noticed how much I have to catch up in Eatliver. Man, how happy are you guys right now?
Anyway, I love the show, so there. I hated Shawn and cheered any time he made another stupid move.
The Dead (22 Oct, 2012) Reply
1st season: omg, crazy action zombiefest, want moar!
2nd season: whine, whine, whine, everyone sucks.
The Dead, Amended (23 Oct, 2012)
Actually I see it as more like this:
1st Season: Let's pretend nothing scary is actually happening! Sit around fire, toast s'mores and whine about the menfolk taking too long in town, Zombie Chinese Buffet OMG!
2nd Season: Let's all go to a farm now and pretend nothing scary is actually happening! Sit around dinner table, eat some buttery biscuits, ignore moans coming from chained up barn, Zombie Steak Dinner OMG!
3rd Season: Survivors wake the #*&@ up and start acting serious.. Zombie Menu? (*TBD*)
Flamethrower (22 Oct, 2012) Reply
It's the same with all new series these days. Stupid people and emos whining. Cancled after 1 or 2 seasons. That's why I don't watch much TV anymore.
Want . . . More . . . ZOMBIES! (22 Oct, 2012) Reply
More zombies, more weapons . . . and maybe they could find a group of bodacious blonde college cheerleaders who were spared while on vacation at the beach. Hey- it could happen- after all the Zombies do like brains!
333 (23 Oct, 2012)
Or a group of cheerleader zombies. Which were infected while on beach vacation. Actually, I think there was already a movie like that.
The Boring Dead (22 Oct, 2012) Reply
I think they blew all of their budget after the pilot episode, which was awesome.
Unfortunately rest of the series SUCKS big time!
Somebody should put that show out of its own misery.
Debi (23 Oct, 2012)
Actually 2 episodes into the second season the original writer quit, leaving them with nowhere to go with Sophia missing and Carl shot. So that whole season at the farm was written on the fly with no real direction to go. For season 3 they supposedly have hired a new writing team. Lets hope they take it somewhere.
Debi (22 Oct, 2012) Reply
You forgot:
* Someone tells Carl to stay in the house.
* Carl never stays in the house.
* Someone gets killed trying to rescue Carl because he didn't stay in the house.
Carl (23 Oct, 2012) Reply
lol, I am all grown up now, but never cease to have this aura around me, that in the most cliché way, I will try to prove that my balls have descended and will do something incredibly stupid that will result in a death of someone people actually like to see on the screen (like Daryl).
Obviously (23 Oct, 2012) Reply
Give the walking dead a break, it kicks Jersey Shores ass
truth (23 Oct, 2012) Reply
^_^ (28 Oct, 2012) Reply
Same goes for Gossip girl!!!!
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