Photo restoration
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MoQ (19 Oct, 2012) Reply
Boris was a pretty nice guy the whole time, and didn't ever get upset or anything. The level of fail in this troll is incredible. Shame on you.
Branwell (19 Oct, 2012)
Pretty much what I thought. That's not funny, and someone should try to help this nice guy.
Ed (31 Oct, 2012)
You get what you pay for.
Mr. Time (19 Oct, 2012) Reply
Oh, this is still funny...
I mean, hehe.
someone (19 Oct, 2012) Reply
thank god he didn't go for the dinner
Scumbag Sleve (20 Oct, 2012) Reply
I understand trolling unthankful *****, but this is just pure retardedness. I hope he helped Boris out after this message and the supposed "great lulz".
A Perrson (20 Oct, 2012) Reply
This is totally funny, guys. Not mean or sad AT ALL.
awww (20 Oct, 2012) Reply
This one is mean. not a fan.
Kelvinn (21 Oct, 2012) Reply
Trolling is usualy like this, instead of what troll themselves think.
ZZY (21 Oct, 2012) Reply
According to what he posted on his website, he did send him an honest attempt at restoring the picture.
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