Illiterate fans wish happy birthday to Eminem
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Illiterate fans wish happy birthday to Eminem
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WOW!! (19 Oct, 2012) Reply
They all got it right. He has raped the music industry with his "music"??
... (19 Oct, 2012)
So now it's raper, not rapist?
RunMCD (19 Oct, 2012)
Biggie, hep meh wiff dis wrapper...
kkkk (19 Oct, 2012) Reply
don't get it :/
Really? (19 Oct, 2012)
Get out of the gene pool.
COBRA (19 Oct, 2012) Reply
At least he melts in your mouth - not in your hands
Alf (19 Oct, 2012) Reply
That isn't grammar. That's spelling / orthography.
Guido (19 Oct, 2012) Reply
It's funny because his profession is spelled with 2 p's
Ed (31 Oct, 2012)
2 P or not 2 P? That is the question.
guru (19 Oct, 2012) Reply
When i read this, i want 2p
ToneDef (19 Oct, 2012) Reply
Wow..every single one spelled it wrong....i guest hes the best RAPEr around eh
Whoa... (19 Oct, 2012) Reply
..40, and still raping? At least he has something to keep him off the sound stage. I hope.
Enter 640 here (20 Oct, 2012) Reply
Congratulations to Eminem and Jimmy Savile
Limmy Tangham (20 Oct, 2012) Reply
Their called rappists.
Limmy Tangham (20 Oct, 2012)
Doc (20 Oct, 2012) Reply
Yeah! So many of them spelled "beast" wrong!
Mike Tyson (20 Oct, 2012) Reply
Hey!! I'm the best rapper ever!
It would seem... (21 Oct, 2012) Reply
... that Eminem is getting more intimate with his fans...
LOL (21 Oct, 2012) Reply
goatheadcheese (22 Oct, 2012) Reply
The best rapper ever!?!?!? LOL, not even in the top 100.
Toothfish (4 Nov, 2012) Reply
Maybe he is good at raping.
yoda (5 Nov, 2012) Reply
hes the worst thing ever to happen to music...
Liz (27 Nov, 2012) Reply
How can they be a fan of Eminem and like rap music if they can't even spell "rapper"? Tsk tsk.
confused (3 Jun, 2013) Reply
I didnt know he was a raper could they of meant rapper?
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