Makes you think
Maybe the government is doing it wrong?
Makes you think
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droogans (19 Oct, 2012) Reply
I guess humans are like animals in that sense; while the animals in the parks can learn to hunt in the wild, so too can America's poor in the cities. With guns and looting.
On second thought...
Bdubs (19 Oct, 2012)
There it is. I know I will survive regardless of what I may need to do to feed my family and myself. And YES I am a 'taker' if necessary. Just TRY to stand in my way if it came down to you or my kids.
OooOOOoohhh... (19 Oct, 2012)
...brrr you got everyone scared, bdubs. Don't worry, nobody will stand in your way. You'll most likely be shot. Oh, perhaps you'll be carrying weapons of your own? Yeah, you'll be shot anyways, by the police later perhaps. Good lesson for your kids, yeah... be "a taker"... ha! You shouldn't have dropped out of highschool, it would've provided you with better chances.
Mech0T1 (19 Oct, 2012)
Someone on the internet actually gets it! You can either spend a little feeding people who are destitute, or spend a lot on trials, lawyers, funerals, and prisons. It's just a matter of cost.
Obama (19 Oct, 2012) Reply
But what if the person requiring food stamps was poor because they had paid a huge amount for medical care and needed a free meal to help them out? Should we let them die? You decide Nov. 6.
Liquidd (19 Oct, 2012)
Obama, If you could get the animals to vote, you would change this.
MITTENS (19 Oct, 2012) Reply
Bdubs (19 Oct, 2012)
and if my kids need food, I am coming to your house to TAKE IT! if you think you can stop me, good luck Mittens.
Yep. (19 Oct, 2012)
He will stop you. Probably 50 yards out, or even more depending on his aim. And you'll leave your children starving because instead of working or learning to, you chose to be a criminal.
Trollhunter (19 Oct, 2012)
Leave your dreamland, Yep. What, if there is no work? As the situation is in the real world. Mittens is selfish and let children starve to death. Isn't that a crime against humanity? Smash his skull and plunder his house. He deserves it. He is more animal than a father or mother trying to get food for their hungry children.
Ed (31 Oct, 2012)
I'm taking his gun too. I'll need it to hunt game.
Just Check Out (19 Oct, 2012) Reply
(visit link)
Bs (19 Oct, 2012) Reply
Animals dont lose their houses in order to pay for medical bills and student loans when the morons in Wall Street and politicians screw up
Thank you! (19 Oct, 2012)
The comments here are making me sick. Some people need help sometimes. The biggest beneficiaries of food stamps are poor kids.
Insolitus (19 Oct, 2012) Reply
So it should be the law of the jungle, both in the wild and in the human society?
winterhog (19 Oct, 2012)
It is worth noting that the only reason d'etre of the country is to help its citizens. When it stops to help and support them it becomes completely unnecessary (police and army also counts as 'help' because in theory anyone can defend him- or herself and hire private detectives, bodyguards or mercenaries). And the trick is to provide help only to those who really need them.
Bdubs (19 Oct, 2012) Reply
Animals care not about others, when humans are hungry with no prospect of food, believe me, we become the same. But there is always food available for the animals, FLESH. (same for us)
Teacher (21 Oct, 2012)
My 5 year old students are smarter than Bdubs.
Mitt Rmoney (19 Oct, 2012) Reply
I don't have to worry about those people.
Free & Fake American (19 Oct, 2012)
You mean animals. Poor people are considered animals in modern USA.
Easy (19 Oct, 2012) Reply
As far as I see it the richer part of society has three choices; Create jobs for everyone which pay enough to get by, share the wealth unconditionally or prepare to get looted.
not so easy (19 Oct, 2012)
So basically give me stuff or I will loot you? How about pay people based on what they contribute, and realize that how much other people honestly earn doesn't hurt you at all and that you are not entitled to it?
Le sarcastic french (19 Oct, 2012) Reply
46 million people ? What is it, soviet America ?
winterhog (19 Oct, 2012)
Is this value true? Assuming that in USA food are distributed only to the homeless and destitute, this would mean that 15% of American citizens live way below the poverty line. So either the data is inaccurate or the result is rather bleak for the USA.
it free (19 Oct, 2012) Reply
swipe dat ebt. don' fo-get yo free breakfast an lunch down at da skool
If you see someone doing better than you... (19 Oct, 2012) Reply should ask yourself "What can I learn from them", instead of "What can I take from them". The "the rich are evil" lie has sent more than one country into brutal bankrupcy. Up to you fine fellows to learn from it or go the same way. Trying to build a system out of blaming others for your misfortune has been tried already and well, it didn't go to well for them. History, your "bestest" friend...
NativeAmurikan (19 Oct, 2012)
Yea! Now stfu and give me my food donation while I count out my bankroll. You owe it to me. Dont scratxh the paint on my Escalade either while you put those 14 loafs of bread in the back next to my four 12's.
Smart Guy (19 Oct, 2012) Reply
The implied argument is of no value. Appeals only to simpletons and reactionaries.
Merry Hobb (19 Oct, 2012)
Not so smart (19 Oct, 2012)
Government handouts make not working much more viable, and for the most part has had a very negative impact on African Americans, who used to have on average more stable marriages and few children born out of wedlock compared to other ethnic groups.
I'll bite (19 Oct, 2012) Reply
So when the wealth inequality is the highest it's been since the great depression and the supposed job creators are holding onto the majority of their earnings or employing those overseas versus injecting it back into the U.S. economy, how are 46 million people going to convince the upper class to spend more money in the U.S. so that these people CAN earn enough money to take care of themselves?
Bite me (19 Oct, 2012)
So what if they send jobs overseas, they NEED them more, and work harder than whiny Americans who dont know what hunger is, if you cared about alleviating suffering sending jobs overseas is awesome.
Zelda (19 Oct, 2012) Reply
By all means let's get rid of entitlement programs. Starting with the ones that cost REAL money - the oil subsidies, the weapons programs that even the Pentagon doesn't want, and the "farm" subsidies that give the Rmoneys hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to keep their pet horse. And, of course let's get rid of the thing that allowed Willard to accumulate his millions - the thing that Bain lobbied to create: tax credits for shipping American jobs to China.
Link (20 Oct, 2012)
Yes, let's!! Clear Federal entitlements Across The Board. The vast majority of them Are Unconstitutional in the first place. Welcome to the T.E.A. Party! :D
adleZ (20 Oct, 2012)
True, if it isn't explicitly a government function in the constitution, get rid of it.
Still, back to the point;
Please don't feed the animals, as they will get dependent.
@Link (20 Oct, 2012)
TEA Party? White WHINE Party is more like it.
Just askin.. (19 Oct, 2012) Reply
..why don't the animals in the National Parks, vote to be under the Department of Agriculture, then they could get free food and stuff too.
If I ruled the world, I would do that.
Mr. Cliche (20 Oct, 2012) Reply
Welfare will kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.
olgul (20 Oct, 2012) Reply
those blue dots kill me
LogiC (21 Oct, 2012) Reply
We are already dependant on agriculture. Also if those people didn't get food stamps they would starve to death. ~8% unemployment is kind of high, and I guarantee you a lot of them don't have jobs because there are no jobs. The hypocrisy is that Mitt Romney's father was also on social welfare for a time. That some people think this makes sense shows how poorly educated American's are.
dsa (21 Oct, 2012) Reply
Why feed our people when we can spend the money bombing other people?
haha (21 Oct, 2012) Reply
s (21 Oct, 2012) Reply
Unfortunately to get food, people need to work - unlike animals. And not everyone can work or find work for a variety of reasons.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau (21 Oct, 2012) Reply
When there is nothing left for the poor to eat, they will eat the rich.
ttt (21 Oct, 2012) Reply
Humans live in a society. Society has higher aims as a whole than any individual. Human could easily survive alone in woods with basic knowledge and instincts. But would you be happy with 6.5 billion tribesmen running around in forests? That argument in the picture has a major flaw, that debatefags probably can call in some fancy latin term, but overall - it just avoids using different frames of refference where it should.
Onions (22 Oct, 2012) Reply
Just eat liver.
Paul Ryan (22 Oct, 2012) Reply
I came up with this joke all by myself. Ayn didn't help at all.
Old Sound Europe (23 Oct, 2012) Reply
This is the stupidest thing I read today. People aren't animals. Except for Ayn Rand.
Grammar Nazi (25 Oct, 2012) Reply
"greatest amount of" -> "greatest number of"
Cap'n Obvious (29 Oct, 2012) Reply
You misspelled "Republicans"
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