Holding doors
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Ticked off (3 Oct, 2012) Reply
I hate it when I hold the door for an elderly person and a stream of thankless ******* take advantage if it.
Chill (3 Oct, 2012)
Chill man... Just be glad you have enough etiquette to hold the door for them. Forget the jerks, you did the right thing!
Well then (3 Oct, 2012)
Hey, be glad you have hands!
Some people don't, & I'm sure they would love to hold doors open for people all day long!
Polite Pete (3 Oct, 2012)
You should hold doors open to be nice, not to be thanked.
Josh The Jerk (6 Oct, 2012)
People can open the door themselves. If they have no hands, don't they have telekinises?
Ticked On (8 Oct, 2012)
If i hold a door for someone that passes by without the manners and/or decency to acknowledge my presences with a "Thank you", simple nod, friendly hand-gesture, or eye contact. I'm inclined to exclaim, "Oh, after you... Your majesty!" .:curtsy:. Upon any retort, or rebuttal i simply turn my back and walk away as if i can't hear a thing.
This is funnier... (3 Oct, 2012) Reply
(visit link)
Not really... (3 Oct, 2012)
I laughed until I stopped...
Nope (3 Oct, 2012)
I couldn't stop laughing, because I never started
Hawker-Blue (3 Oct, 2012) Reply
Actually i work on a hotel, and this is really true.
Dr Psychobabble (3 Oct, 2012) Reply
Number 3 is passive aggressive.
I.T Barry (3 Oct, 2012) Reply
The bottom one is true.
Canandian (19 Oct, 2012) Reply
You scrolled all the way down here? Good job! Proceed to Next >> picture?