Facebook profile pic vs. real life
It's never the other way around.
Facebook profile pic vs. real life
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Optimist (1 Oct, 2012) Reply
in this case, it actually could be the other way around
-=LaurryG=- (1 Oct, 2012) Reply
Is this actually the same girl?
LandLord (1 Oct, 2012)
Yep, that's Charlize Theron in both pics.
Liquidd (1 Oct, 2012)
She gained 30 Lbs for the movie Monster. She lost all of it within a couple of months of finishing the movie.
@liquidd (2 Oct, 2012)
hooooooorayyy hollywood U DA BES LOS DA WAIT
Flash635 (12 Oct, 2012)
In fact her portrayal of Aileen Wuornos in Monster was so good that I was able to recogonise the actual Aileen Wuornos when I saw her on TV. Now compare that her to her performance in Aeon Flux and say, Hancock and then tell me she doesn't have 'range.'
COBRA (1 Oct, 2012) Reply
Real Life gal looks more approachable
But... (1 Oct, 2012)
... real like is a lesbian serial killer.
Clem (1 Oct, 2012)
an' she can help around th' farm.
Yeahh (1 Oct, 2012) Reply
using the real pic as the example of a fake facebook pic doesn't really prove your point now does it
goatheadcheese (1 Oct, 2012)
It does not state the pic was fake. The point is that some people post deceptive profile pictures that look nothing like their real selves. ie. ABOVE - case and point. zing-derp
Yup (2 Oct, 2012)
I got the point the pics were trying to make. MY point is that it failed b/c the picture used to represent a deceptive facebook picture is, in reality, how Charlize Theron actually looks. So I will say again using a real picture of someone as an example of how fake pictures are deceptive is not the best way to win an argument.
whoa no shit (1 Oct, 2012) Reply
Captain obviouso
DP Barnum (6 Oct, 2012) Reply
Wow! He cleans up good!
JiGOku (23 Dec, 2012) Reply
I think these are the effects of plastic surgery because almost everyone in the show business does plastic surgery to stay in shape and if they don't the result is the picture on the right
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