Gender bending
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My Eyes... (1 Oct, 2012) Reply
They are hurting...
Vecis (1 Oct, 2012) Reply
Gender Blender, it`s real!
b (1 Oct, 2012) Reply
Who is the last one in the second line?
LandLord (1 Oct, 2012)
Willemonica Dafoe.
Barp (1 Oct, 2012) Reply
These people should consider the gas chamber.
Germane (1 Oct, 2012)
Not the funny kind of fun.
Dutch Oven (2 Oct, 2012)
you mean under covers w/ u?
tracy (11 Oct, 2012)
they probably do, and often.
hahahahahahah (1 Oct, 2012) Reply
johnny cage made me laugth so hard i pooped a little
Who (1 Oct, 2012)
Is Johnny Cage in the pic?
hahahahaha (2 Oct, 2012)
"nicolas cage" why did i wrote johny cage???...
harry henderson (1 Oct, 2012) Reply
disgusting. simply disgusting
harriet henderson (2 Oct, 2012)
I think tom hanks looks quite nice. in fact, everyone going au natural i applaud. its not easy in misogynist hollywood.
Slightly overweight duck (1 Oct, 2012) Reply
Oh My God! Please! Make it stop! Make it stop!
a (1 Oct, 2012) Reply
Was expecting a male justin bieber in the last one
bro (1 Oct, 2012) Reply
some of them are pretty hot traps
dafuq (1 Oct, 2012) Reply
richard gere looks like my nanna.
404 error (1 Oct, 2012) Reply
Richard Gere just looks like an old Hippy!
but ... (1 Oct, 2012) Reply
why ? WHY ?
Oh my (1 Oct, 2012) Reply
Im going to have nightmares for the rest of my life
and also... who is number 6? It looks like a male version of Reese Witherspoon.
Hark (2 Oct, 2012)
Willem DaFoe.
ThA-B (1 Oct, 2012) Reply
Why Kingsley is put on Bon Jovi's head?
Foxy Ladies (1 Oct, 2012) Reply
Daniel Craig is way hotter in drag then that: (visit link)
Also Jude Law and James Franco. They're just yummy women.
Evil (1 Oct, 2012) Reply
They forgot to blend Robert Pattison.
Tijaytas (1 Oct, 2012) Reply
Most of them are prettier than the girls in my college
Bare Wires (1 Oct, 2012) Reply
Wow, Willem Defoe can pull it off.
Da G (1 Oct, 2012)
Actually, Dafoe played a nutty cop who disguised himself as a quite convincing cheap hooker in the flick "The Boondock Saints". Hillarious.
MerlinC (2 Oct, 2012) Reply
In this case, always go with Ms. Laurie. She looks like a cuddler...
Hot to trot (3 Oct, 2012) Reply
Ms Bean is quite fetching.
Jeff (4 Oct, 2012) Reply
Wow that was disturbing
ROGER (4 Oct, 2012) Reply
Hey (4 Oct, 2012) Reply
Is it possible to turn a photo of New Zealand's ex P.M. HElen Clark,
...into a woman?
Pings (5 Oct, 2012)
Photoshop is not that advanced, and probably never will be.
Me (5 Oct, 2012)
Hahaha. I don't think it is possible though...
Dan (5 Oct, 2012) Reply
Tom Hanks is actually kinda hot
Arso (5 Oct, 2012) Reply
Victoria (5 Oct, 2012) Reply
I love this too much, so funny. most of them are actually pretty cute
cloroxat (6 Oct, 2012) Reply
Boys....Richard is the only one who looks like a natural...
vinkredible (7 Oct, 2012) Reply
I see Adrian Brody looks untouched lol
sanjay das (8 Oct, 2012) Reply
aman (11 Oct, 2012) Reply
mr. Been in new look
goony goo goo (11 Oct, 2012) Reply
don't see any Dafoe up there ... isn't that Adrian Brody?
Blah (11 Oct, 2012) Reply
house as a woman! oh no we r in trouble....big trouble!!!
It's no surprise (12 Oct, 2012) Reply
Tom Hanks was the most attractive...remember bosom buddies.
Gumby (23 Oct, 2012) Reply
Oh hello there Tom hanks
oh baby (7 Sep, 2013) Reply
Tom hanks is hot.
Palace_Gypsy (28 Dec, 2013) Reply
I see they caught Matt Damon just on his way to to the market.
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