The reason I have trust issues
Damn you, raisin cookies!
The reason I have trust issues
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Oldboy McGrumbus (26 Sep, 2012) Reply
I too blame raisins for all of my life failures.
shush (26 Sep, 2012)
preventing anemia isn't a failure! ... high iron content... anyone...?
Hal the dancing fig (26 Sep, 2012) Reply
Should those raisins be moving?
Gif the dancing lah (26 Sep, 2012)
The ones that move are extra yummy! They're packed full of protein too.
Cookies (26 Sep, 2012) Reply
Wow, your life must be so hard if this is a reason for trust issues. What a white whine!
Crumble (27 Sep, 2012)
Aren't you lucky that your life isn't ...
Battle (27 Sep, 2012) Reply
And here we have one more trend for hating something, which is actually good and tasty...
ooga booga (27 Sep, 2012) Reply
i frikken hate chocolate chip cookies, they suck.
Wild Bill (27 Sep, 2012) Reply
I agree. Especially when they're OATMEAL raisin cookies. Those things aren't even really cookies.
ChocolateChips (27 Sep, 2012) Reply
What a stupid raisin to have trust issues...
I'm afraid of Americans (29 Sep, 2012) Reply
They're the reason your so fat.
Wingcobda (24 Oct, 2012) Reply
I only worry if the baker has a rabbit's foot key chain
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