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Colonel Sanders (17 Sep, 2012) Reply
I won.
^.^ (17 Sep, 2012) Reply
T-Rex --> Chicken
seems legit
Team Human, Team Human, YEAH!!!
The Chimp (17 Sep, 2012) Reply
If evolution were real, why don't I have six or seven fingers on each hand, really long arms, and a brain the size of a watermellon? Huh, why doin't I?
apropriate answer (17 Sep, 2012)
you are not religious enough, that's why
Darwin (17 Sep, 2012)
Because those are not features that increase your chances of survival or procreation. Those are symptoms of inbreeding, and since those are your desires, you made need to talk to this guy I have heard of named Sigmund Freud...
The Chicken (17 Sep, 2012)
Muslims are symptoms of inbreeding.
Charles Darlose (17 Sep, 2012) Reply
If we all evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys (living next-door to me)?
anonymoose (17 Sep, 2012)
Well, we came from apes and not from monkeys to begin with. Secondly, it's apparent that you don't understand the theory of evolution. Return to church, little one.
Monkey Butler (17 Sep, 2012)
I dont know about you but I quite enjoy flinging faeces at other people
Ahone (17 Sep, 2012)
They didn't like taxes and potholes so they reverted of their own free will.
Atheist Freedom Fighter (17 Sep, 2012)
There are still monkeys to fill the chirches. What do you think "monk" cames from?
George Bush (18 Sep, 2012)
Monkeys should be trained to do the jobs we humans don't wanna do - like kissing my wife for example. Also, a cleverly disguised spy monkey which had been taught Korean could easily be used to replace Kim Jong-un in one of those covert CIA operations, giving America the means to successfully control what goes on over there. The monkey would need to be taught to communicate with the CIA in encrypted code of course, so the training may take some time. It'd be worth it in the end though.
Trollolol (18 Sep, 2012)
@Ahone: I don't like them either; I think they should be mutually exclusive (or at least more of one should mean less of the other).
Iron Hippo (17 Sep, 2012) Reply
Evolution told me I could become anything, so I became a chicken!
Why does it say (17 Sep, 2012) Reply
Next picture >> and then when you go there it says
That's it. EatLiver.com is out of pictures.
Someone needs to do something about that
404 error (18 Sep, 2012) Reply
I don't speak Chicken. What does "STAHP" stand for?
404 fix (20 Sep, 2012)
Not Convinced (23 Sep, 2012) Reply
Every major evolutionist rejected the theory or macroevolution before they died. There has never been one single peice of proof for macro evolution, (Lucy was proven to be a pigmy, and other discoveries all failed the test of science). Not one single fossil that is half man half ape has ever been discovered. Recent science has basically disproven the Big Bang Theory (which even disproven does not explain the origin of creation. And yet still these know it alls shove their views in others faces and call them idiots when they are unwilling to except it. Interspecies evolution = flawed theory based on stretched subjective logic, but fails the test of hard objective logic. Show me evidence, strong objective evidence. BTW a species holding a trait that increases their chance for survival (known as adaptation) is subjective evidence, NOT objective.
Logic (30 Sep, 2012)
So much wrong in that sentence...Evolution is the most supported theory in science. No scientist denied or rejected it before they died. Try reading science books instead of dumb creationist crap.
Asiago (5 Jan, 2014)
You're both right. Creationism doesn't exclude evolutionism.
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