Balanced breakfast
They have only 2 of 3.
Balanced breakfast
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le dealer (14 Sep, 2012) Reply
since the arrow points to the street, I guess they don't sell tea there...
Well... (14 Sep, 2012)
Tea is a slang term, so coffee could be the odd man out.
Customer (14 Sep, 2012) Reply
Two medium rails, please.
Me (15 Sep, 2012) Reply
Damn. And here I wanted some tea.
Uncle Al says: (15 Sep, 2012) Reply
Two out of three ain't bad.
Hector Ring (15 Sep, 2012) Reply
I've never been invited in for a cup of cocaine.
My cups don't have corners either.
Hitobat (17 Sep, 2012) Reply
Given the color of the arrow lines, I'm gonna guess they're outta coffee...
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