Presidental milestones
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Zelda (10 Sep, 2012) Reply
So, Romneybot isn't going to win this year.
No, but.... (10 Sep, 2012)
Looks like Sarah Palin will be President in 2016!
Evil (10 Sep, 2012)
@No, but...: No, it means Ronmey won't be president on 2012, he'll have to wait 996 years.
@No, but... (10 Sep, 2012)
Palin is the female Greg Stillson. What would follow "Palin 2016" is "Armageddon 2017". Thankfully she's no more relevant to American politics today than William Jennings Bryan is.
Obviously (10 Sep, 2012)
No, in 2094 will be the first openly Robot, Romney is still trying to hide. DONT WORRY ROMNEY, YOU CAN COME OUT OF THE TOOLBOX ALREADY
ShortDump (10 Sep, 2012) Reply
2017: US bankrupt! (ehh, maybe sooner)
Well then (10 Sep, 2012)
2017: ShortDump still doesn't have a girlfriend!
ShortDump (12 Sep, 2012)
On the contrary, I plan to have one by 2014. Even if for just a day.
dethleffs (10 Sep, 2012) Reply
So, what happens between 2104 or 2108 and 3008?
Beru (10 Sep, 2012) Reply
Does that mean that roboprexy believes in god?
CS (10 Sep, 2012)
Of course he does. Without Silicon Heaven, where would all the calculators go?
@CS (10 Sep, 2012)
cyberdyne (10 Sep, 2012) Reply
2016- should be an openly gay female atheist with a robotic prosthetic that wins by slaying the previous president. yeah. Bo Derek maybe
YouBeSoSilly (10 Sep, 2012) Reply
You actually think the US will last that long? Hahahahahahaha!
Hector Ring (11 Sep, 2012)
No, but the lying ***** in charge may call it the US for disinformational purposes, much as they do now.
EUro (10 Sep, 2012) Reply
Unrealistic. People would vote a gay man before they vote for a female president.
COBRA (11 Sep, 2012)
EUro - Only pansies mike you would do that
Welcome to real freedom (11 Sep, 2012) Reply
Fun fact: My country, Finland, had a female president for 12 years, she was a single mom, unmarried with a live-in husband, she was a gay rights activist and a ginger.
EUro (11 Sep, 2012)
Well, we're Europe. Not a christian Iran with nukes.
Wrong (11 Sep, 2012)
Women with red hair are attractive. Men with red hair are gingers.
Al A. Ahkbar (11 Sep, 2012)
I guess that explains Finland's dominance of Europe.
math? (11 Sep, 2012) Reply
3008: US goes back to have elections on years divisible by 4?
rr (12 Sep, 2012) Reply
.. so all the years are filled with non-white people?
colby (15 Sep, 2012) Reply
this is so wierd there is no reason for it it is just a waste of time you people out there this is a WASTE OF TIME
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