Clint Eastwood vs. world
How they see each other.
Clint Eastwood vs. world
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X-Man (9 Aug, 2012) Reply
I loled.
YMAN (10 Aug, 2012)
East Clintwood (10 Aug, 2012)
You people are laugh'in at me. Some people have guns, and some people dig. You people can all start digg'in....
Oops (9 Aug, 2012) Reply
You forgot the cross hairs.
CinemascopE (9 Aug, 2012) Reply
Man - that is some extreme letterboxing.
Sarah (9 Aug, 2012) Reply
Those with narrow vision endorse Romney.
Cut the crap (9 Aug, 2012)
So - you gotta ask yourself: "Am I feeling political today?" Well, are you...punk?
But (9 Aug, 2012)
Those with no brains endorse Barry.
J.J. McClure (9 Aug, 2012) Reply
At least he is wearing a hat
Observation (9 Aug, 2012) Reply
Without a chin-strap, a quick gust of breeze would lift his hat plum off.
marine_in_okinawa (9 Aug, 2012) Reply
Are his eyelids 5 inches away from his cornea? cuz even at max squint i still have about 75 degrees of horizontal periphiral vision
Yamamoto (9 Aug, 2012)
at max squint I have no vision, because my eyes are closed
Max Squint (10 Aug, 2012)
Huh? Who said that...?
Max squint I (18 Aug, 2012)
I think he was talking to me!!!
Juju (9 Aug, 2012) Reply
is it widescreen??
Ratman (10 Aug, 2012) Reply
I always thought that was the only way to make zoom with human eyes... I was wrong.
Tails Doll (10 Aug, 2012) Reply
Haha Even I find this funny
Yoda (10 Aug, 2012) Reply
Hugh Jackman he is not
Chairman Meow (17 Sep, 2012) Reply
It's true. Even back then he only saw others as chairs, benches, crates, barrels, staircases and various other things to sit on and perhaps argue with.
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