Sherlock Holmes vs. Batman
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truff (6 Aug, 2012) Reply
batman suxx
hmm (7 Aug, 2012)
confused (6 Aug, 2012) Reply
how did he figure it out?
watson (6 Aug, 2012)
if he were to explain it, you would feel stupid and inadequate for failing to notice such obvious clues your self. but dont worry, that happens to everyone who encounters him.
blarghl (6 Aug, 2012)
Well you see it's pretty simple. He could tell because of batman's smile because he was an orphan too and that made him psychic or something i guess?
Elementary (6 Aug, 2012)
My dear Watson.
Morarity (7 Aug, 2012)
Knowing Holmes, he probably spotted a speck of dust on Batman's cape(panel 4)that can only be found around Wayne Manor. In panel 5 & 6, he gauges the Batman's age. Knowing that only 3 people live in Wayne Manor. He eliminates the impossible: Alfred is too old, Dick Grayson too young. Ergo, Batman must be the last inhabitant of Wayne Manor, Bruce Wayne. Also, that's the fake Holmes. Holmes, being a proper English gentleman, would never wear a deerstalker (okay in the country, but faux pas in the urban environment)in the city. In fact, nowhere in any of his novels does it says he wears a deerstalker.
@Morartity (8 Aug, 2012)
It looks ridiculous as well
Sherlock (6 Aug, 2012) Reply
Brooke McEldowney?
Freddo (6 Aug, 2012) Reply
Next time, please mark a comic like this with spoiler-tags. Now all the movies are ruined for me....
faroutman (6 Aug, 2012) Reply
Wait...Batman didn't notice that was Tony Stark? Marvel vs DC, Marvel wins again.
^ (6 Aug, 2012)
Marvel groupies...
Brandon (6 Aug, 2012) Reply
Batman has only one ginormous leg?
112 error (6 Aug, 2012)
and no arms
False (6 Aug, 2012) Reply
According to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Holmes has no knowledge of literature, philosophy, astronomy, or politics. He has practical knowledge of geology and profound knowledge of chemistry. He's an expert singlestick player, boxer and swordsman. Batman however is a billionaire businessman expert in many languages, many forms of martial arts, has vast knowledge of many disciplines.
jorgen (7 Aug, 2012)
What makes HolmesĀ“ deduction even more impressive is that he didnĀ“t even know that Batman existed!
Mycroft Holmes (7 Aug, 2012)
I suppose I am the one to who has remarkable knowledge of literature, philosophy, astronomy and politics. My younger brother was too restless to have much interest in such things. But still, he knew much about them, too.
Tax deduction (7 Aug, 2012)
@jorgen: And you apparently don't even know that neither one of them existed. ;}
Pseudonym (7 Aug, 2012) Reply
Why does Batman sound like the Cookie Monster?
Maybe (8 Aug, 2012)
Because Morgan Freeman started his career on "Sesame Street"? No, wait - that was "Electric Company", wasn't it? Oh well, here's the clip, anyway: (visit link)
this is dumb (8 Aug, 2012) Reply
this s=ucks
I <3 Batman And Sherlock (12 Aug, 2012) Reply
Thats coool
Batman (12 Aug, 2012) Reply
really? takes 5 slides to figure out??
man (20 Aug, 2012) Reply
Height, build, half of face looks like bruce wayne, expensive materials for the costume, high-tech gadgets, and motivation...
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