Small town police blotter
It's a dangerous world out there.
Small town police blotter
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Hans (30 Jul, 2012) Reply
Parents calling the police due to minor problems raising their children? Pathetic...
me (30 Jul, 2012) Reply
what's with the hungry horse woman and her boyfriend? you cut off the best story!
me too (30 Jul, 2012)
Aaarghh!!! At last something interesting and then they let us hang to dry!
Well, (30 Jul, 2012)
Apparently her boyfriend swung at her. Police confiscated the swing set to prevent further trouble...
googler (30 Jul, 2012)
3:20 p.m. A Hungry Horse woman reported that her boyfriend swung at her then stole her purse.
(visit link)
Horse woman (30 Jul, 2012) Reply
Looking for boyfriend, still hungry
Sarah Jessica Parker (30 Jul, 2012) Reply
I've never even been in that town! Plus, I'm not hungry since I quit dieting...
Matthew Broderick (30 Jul, 2012)
Damn it, you beat me to it. Hey, remember when I was in that movie with chimpanzees and the Air Force was killing them with that virtual reality flight simulator and I busted them out? Ha ha, good times.
Maybe? (30 Jul, 2012) Reply
9:49 a.m and 10:50 a.m are the same woman causing the 12:59 a.m man's reaction.
Runaway Cow (30 Jul, 2012) Reply
Imma find that snitch, lemme tell you.... ooooohh Imma find that snitch!!
SZCZ (31 Jul, 2012)
I'll bet you it's Jessi... I mean that hungry horse woman
blah (30 Jul, 2012) Reply
only in montana
Day Man (30 Jul, 2012) Reply
There is no such thing as 12PM in Kalispell, Montana!
Google Maps (30 Jul, 2012) Reply
Sorry to disappoint you, but Hungry Horse is the name of the woman's town in Montana.
disappointed (31 Jul, 2012)
That IS a disappointment :(
/me disappointed
Stoopid Eatliver commenters (31 Jul, 2012)
@Google Maps: Oh gee, we so stoopid. We not realize that. We not smart enuff to notice capitals in town name and pretend it referring to woman in order to make joke. How we be so dumb...? XD
222 (31 Jul, 2012) Reply
Sounds peaceful. Maybe I should move there?
Unabomber (31 Jul, 2012) Reply
3:20 p.m. Sarah Jessica Parker is calling
Actually, (31 Jul, 2012)
You're a little late to the party with that joke. Always read previous comments.
Ever Notice (31 Jul, 2012) Reply
This crime report is typical of places populated by people who "bitterly cling to guns and religion".
Cpl Klinger (31 Jul, 2012)
As opposed to places where people bitterly cling to welfare and abortion?
Gee (31 Jul, 2012)
I thought it was from that peace loving city of Chicago.
... (31 Jul, 2012) Reply
God to think this is near my town... horrible
Hue (31 Jul, 2012) Reply
Kalispell News is reknowned for its hilarity. The paper is owned by Maury Povich and its purpose is to allow new and improving writers a place to work so they have the experience they need to get a "real" newspaper job.
FriendofYox (4 Aug, 2012) Reply
That aint no small town. Here it would take 8 months to fill an inch long column. Except there is no paper. And the police are 50 miles away not that they care anyway.
murricamurricamurrica (22 Jan, 2013) Reply
only in murrica, nuff said. oh wait you cant read. murrican.
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