Wi-fi password
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EUro (30 Jul, 2012) Reply
European husbands know their anniversary date. Less divorces in europe.
Yes, (30 Jul, 2012)
Apparently European husbands know their place...
Yes, but (30 Jul, 2012)
Infidelity rates are higher, you should live in Asia where we have less divorce, but we don't cheat.
Fidelity (30 Jul, 2012)
...what happens when you all look the same
Leiurus (30 Jul, 2012)
@Yes, but: Jesus, it must be the biggest lie I've read in the past 10 years. Been living in Asia for the past 8 years and Asian men should be in the dictionnary as synonymous of "unfaithful" (which is probably why they don't divorce, why would you go through the expense of a divorce when you can sleep with 10 chicks a week with your wife approval?)
Holland (31 Jul, 2012)
@Fidelity: You just made my day.
ShortDump (30 Jul, 2012) Reply
That's because we have them engraved on the inside of our rings :)
EUro (30 Jul, 2012)
Don't babble the trick out. :D
Easy (30 Jul, 2012) Reply
Never let the wife have the admin password of your router.
Fix (31 Jul, 2012)
oops, my bad, better make that "you're router", lest the uhmericans get confused
kfa (31 Jul, 2012)
@Fix YOU'RE joking right?.... right?
Old Guy (30 Jul, 2012) Reply
Which anniversary? Women have so many. BTW, I know my wife's birthdate and our wedding anniversary date. It's called "insuring domestic tranquility."
Fake (30 Jul, 2012) Reply
evrybody know wimmenz can't change router password. crissakes, lucky iffn they even know waht one is
zzz (31 Jul, 2012) Reply
looks like mickey rourke from sin city
iceman (6 Aug, 2012) Reply
that is not funny at all you need to take it off now
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