Superhero manatees
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Old meme (27 Jul, 2012) Reply
Umm... (27 Jul, 2012) Reply
Martian Manatee Hunter, Wonder Womanatee. Thank you, that is my corny comment for the day.
Ahab (27 Jul, 2012) Reply
Doesn't the Aquamanatee see kind of redundant?
Mexicanatee (27 Jul, 2012)
Sea, sea, Señor...
Jota (30 Jul, 2012)
I assume that he has the ability to talk to birds and walk on dry land.
Wasted talent, but (27 Jul, 2012) Reply
I guess we should just be grateful that the artist had a thing for manatees and not for naked mole rats.
igopeepeeinpools (27 Jul, 2012)
Wasted talent? Are you paid to be as stupid as you are?
Wasted talent, but (27 Jul, 2012)
@:igopeepeeinpools: Yeah, wasted talent, like I said. Apparently peeing in pools has affected your hearing.
icrappedinatub (1 Aug, 2012)
So long as his talent, which is apparent, is ever put to good use, it's perfectly fine for him to also use it for recreational art that he likes. Nothing is being wasted here. Also, I didn't know that people were able to hear things written on the internet. I guess idiots like you have mutant powers.
blarghl (27 Jul, 2012) Reply
Ahahaha, I love spider-manatee
hey :D (27 Jul, 2012) Reply
this sucks.. wtf liver?
? (28 Jul, 2012) Reply
Who´s the one above spidermanatee?
! (28 Jul, 2012)
Marvel's Martian Manhunter
rolyt (29 Jul, 2012) Reply
I SEA what you did there.
Marie Anderson Torres (29 Jul, 2012) Reply
antonio (29 Jul, 2012) Reply
hahahaha even though that is not that funny
Huh? (29 Jul, 2012) Reply
Why didn't he change Wonder Woman's appearance?
dumb as hell (1 Aug, 2012) Reply
This is dumb as hell. say no more
Hell (2 Aug, 2012)
Excuse me?
FartyShartyParty (3 Aug, 2012)
allison (5 Aug, 2012) Reply
people do absurd things with a computer.
Hachelet (9 Aug, 2012) Reply
yuh boy (18 Aug, 2012) Reply
the wonder womanatee looks awfully like Opera!!!
Meow (19 Aug, 2012) Reply
Iron Manatee. XDD
a (30 Aug, 2012) Reply
spider manatee
bat manatee
wonder womanatee
green lanatee
aqua manatee
the flashatee
iron manatee
super manatee
captain amanatee
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