Tool improvement
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briedis (23 Jul, 2012) Reply
Looks like Vista was the best tool :)
Grandpapay (24 Jul, 2012)
While it has a nice look, have you tried swinging it? been there. Done that.
Me (23 Jul, 2012) Reply
No. Take the rock, duplicate it across all six frames. Done.
Trollhunter (23 Jul, 2012)
Appletroll is trolling with apple.
Ninja (24 Jul, 2012)
The Linux Ninja trolls on Windows and passes the blame to Apple again.
Elanthiel (26 Jul, 2012)
No, no. We're just comparing Windows with itself, and in that perspective, it's right. Now, if we want to compare a Mac with it, you'd get a golden hammer. Looks fancy, gets the job done as well, but is way too expensive.
Evil (23 Jul, 2012) Reply
Where's Windows 95?
X-Man (23 Jul, 2012)
And Win ME?
gonz (23 Jul, 2012)
it's like windows 98, without the leaf
ponz (23 Jul, 2012)
^What he said and the rock was made out of sponge so it was horribly inefficient
@X-Man (25 Jul, 2012)
The pile of crap for Win ME didn't fit in with the other tools...
Local Furry (25 Jul, 2012)
@X-Man Windows ME is just the handle.
Dwight (27 Jul, 2012)
False, gold is one of the softest metals on earth and most nails are made of iron or steel which are both much harder than gold. Ergo a golden hammer would be expensive but almost useless or it would atleast break very easily or after a few uses.
WTF (23 Jul, 2012) Reply
Win9 will be awesome again.
I think (23 Jul, 2012) Reply
Somebody just wants us to say his cartoon is full of Win...
And yet still (23 Jul, 2012) Reply
No valid improvements have been made since XP. Long wilt tho reign as Microsluts best OS *salute*
Rambowl (23 Jul, 2012) Reply
What kind of tool was Win 3.1?
blood (23 Jul, 2012) Reply
Nonsense, 3.11 was way better.
Welcome to the machine (23 Jul, 2012) Reply
DOS 5.0
Future (23 Jul, 2012) Reply
Win 10 will come with 'thought' head band provided by the CIA.
Fail (23 Jul, 2012) Reply
What's with all the winning?
fail 8 ftw !
winner (25 Jul, 2012)
you win :>>>
hammer (23 Jul, 2012) Reply
I could drive the nail home in all instances.
Tray (24 Jul, 2012) Reply
XP is the best version ever. I still use it.
Al Yankovic (25 Jul, 2012) Reply
I had an ME machine that lasted 9 years. Buggy, yes, but not as bad as Vista. Oh yeah, that was the last PC I owned. Mac FTW.
keyster (2 Aug, 2012) Reply
Win 95 was awesome until "Me" came along. I still use Me and Microsoft Works '97 to do all my important work.
leftisthipsterguywithironicbeardanflannelshirt (22 Jan, 2013) Reply
apple is better.
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