Hey, look what someone gave me!
Made by Jiebadiah.
Hey, look what someone gave me!
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Actually, (19 Jul, 2012) Reply
My self-esteem is too weak to ever do anything like that...
this comic is... (19 Jul, 2012) Reply
RACIST (24 Jul, 2012)
Hmmm. Nope, this comic is *not* me.
Brickhead (19 Jul, 2012) Reply
It doesn't make sense.
Mick Bagger (20 Jul, 2012)
If someone gives you a compliment, your self esteem will toss it aside and sucker punch you.
What's not to understand?
Brickhead (20 Jul, 2012)
I guess some just need therapy. My self esteem knows I am awesome.
Ice (20 Jul, 2012) Reply
This was dumb but well drawn.
Cordee (21 Jul, 2012) Reply
I really relate to this one
Your Self-esteem (22 Jul, 2012)
"Well, isn't that SPECIAL...!"
...john.... (24 Jul, 2012) Reply
is that jahn egbert?
rehya (7 Aug, 2012) Reply
Tpn (15 Feb, 2013) Reply
i never get compliments... so my self-esteem is glad...
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