Why the English language is so hard to learn
It just doesn't make sense!
Why the English language is so hard to learn
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blood (30 Jun, 2012) Reply
Except that English is extremely easy to learn.
foreigner (1 Jul, 2012)
...? No, it's not. English is a really crappy language. Why? - spelling has very little to do with pronunciation.
wut (2 Jul, 2012)
actually, English is known to be one of the hardest languages to learn due to it's massive amount of conflicting rules and straight up ignorance of its own rules.
nope (2 Jul, 2012)
your language is actually pretty basic... easy to learn if you try
easy 2 learn (16 Jul, 2012)
Yeah easy to learn compared to chinese...
wrong (26 Aug, 2012)
Chinese isn't a language.
@wrong (12 Apr, 2013)
Exactly. Chinese people speak Mandarin or Cantonese.
Proper grammer (30 Jun, 2012) Reply
I had no problem understanding all of that due to the inclusion of context.
Guess you just don't speak proper like what I does
It's spelled (30 Jun, 2012)
@It Spelled (30 Jun, 2012)
Actually, it's spelled "joke". How about taking that in context?
Hey (30 Jun, 2012)
Somebody got trolled hard in this thread.
Juris (30 Jun, 2012) Reply
And also the retarded writing system. Why the hell English can't be written exactly as it is pronounced - like bunch of other languages do?
bubba (30 Jun, 2012)
Wow. You must be Polish. Or some other Russian. Last time i've heard that argument was in primary school
Britain, America's Daddy (1 Jul, 2012)
English is mostly written exactly as it's pronounced, only the way it was pronounced by the medieval author of the first widely publicised dictionary - that's also the reason for a lot of our spelling exceptions :>
ispeakportuguese (1 Jul, 2012)
like seriously. every person who learns a new language is all like "Why can't blank be written how it is pronounced like in MY logically superior language" puh-lease, the real problem here is that words cannot describe how i feel when i look into your eyes.
Lx (3 Jul, 2012)
Actually he's completely right. English is one of the most non-phonetic languages of the world.
LogiC (30 Jun, 2012) Reply
English is also one of the worst language for exceptions to rules. Verbs are split into two words (to go, to see, to run, etc), the rules for the different forms are all over the place (to go, went, will go, was going, go, etc). Then you have the above sentences with differences only from tone of voice and vowel accent. Then things like "take a break", "use the brakes", "don't break it", "his voice was breaking". Plus it is a bastard language, it just absorbs everything, there are English words with origins in French, Latin, Arabic, German, Japanese, Chinese, Ancient Greek, etc. Then there is different accents, words with different meanings in different countries or even parts of the same country.
Tildor the Brief (30 Jun, 2012)
You left out "to long"... ;D
Karl-Heinz the German (30 Jun, 2012)
They deserve no better. They got invaded by the romans (who brought ancient greek and latin words), the saxons (ancient german words) and the french (french words, there are'nt many arabic, japanese and chinese words in english). This is, by the way, a common process, same thing with the french words in german. They had the chance to defend their crappy little island...
Erm... (30 Jun, 2012) Reply
Half of these are simply examples of (visit link) It's a pretty consistent rule that's not hard to learn at all.
j.b. (30 Jun, 2012) Reply
Bass was painted on the basswood bassdrum.
Kim Yu Suk (6 Jul, 2012)
Who puts a bass on their drum?.....phish?
senseless_guy (30 Jun, 2012) Reply
I don't trust any language that doesn't pronounce certain letters, but writes them.
Chuck of Gaulle (1 Jul, 2012)
Oui, the French are despicable.
TrOlL (30 Jun, 2012) Reply
Creep in a creepy greek creek.
King's language (30 Jun, 2012) Reply
O.K., all you whiner and loser languages sing along with me: (and a one, two, three) "RULE BRITTANIA...!" ;D
No thanx (30 Jun, 2012)
You don't have a king. All you have is an old, senile queen.
John Revolta (30 Jun, 2012)
@No thanx: You stop talking about Elton John like that, you brute...!!! ;D
Ed Wallis (30 Jun, 2012) Reply
Ger (30 Jun, 2012) Reply
Try to learn German.
bill posters (30 Jun, 2012)
Life is too short to learn German.
Buff (30 Jun, 2012) Reply
Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
Squarebob Spongepants (30 Jun, 2012) Reply
Its just the language of convenience. We take in all cultures and make them a part of ourselves, then we use the most efficient easiest way to say something no matter where it came from. if a German has a better word for something then people will start using it. English is a very efficient language to get information from one person to another.
2cents (30 Jun, 2012)
English--It's the result of Norman soldiers picking up Saxon barmaids.
And, it'th the only language that requireth you to thpit when thpeaking.
Nasty-sim (30 Jun, 2012) Reply
Lol i am talking from my cell,hehe
Nasty-sim (30 Jun, 2012) Reply
I think i need to recharge.:-D
Ebonics (30 Jun, 2012) Reply
fo shizzle
Dwood (30 Jun, 2012) Reply
I know the proper language of English. It's not that hard to learn. Unless your from a different country.Which then it is harder to learn. But most people learn right off the bat.
Mwood (1 Jul, 2012)
is this bat you speak of a rosetta stone of sorts?
-____- (30 Jun, 2012) Reply
seriously its just a language.... get over it!
Adda (30 Jun, 2012) Reply
Actually English is the easiest language to learn.
Linguist (30 Jun, 2012) Reply
Those are derivational, hence lexical ambiguities. English is a rather strict SVO (Subject Verb Object) language, what helps to distinguish. Also see (Erm... 2012) for the phonological background.
DoucheWhoCanSpeak5Languages (1 Jul, 2012)
Look at Mr. Technicality. Who cares what special circumstances these examples fall under. They're all still valid. That's almost like me saying, "all programming languages have strict logic, so they are all easy to learn." When we all know there is a difference between knowing the basic way to use an HLL, and actually being able to program algorithms and advanced mathematics. Strict logic =/= comprehensible by all, especially if it's obfuscated, or in anyway contradicting based on circumstances and "on the spot" rules.
Phenomenon (2 Jul, 2012)
Look at Mr. Choleric, who introduces a whole lot of concepts to build up the point that many people are stupid, whilst missing my point. Of course those are all valid. That is a necessary premise to describe it. Get yourself an introduction to grammar before you talk of "on-the-spot" or "ad-hoc" rules.
Simply put (1 Jul, 2012) Reply
, it can be explained why English is the easiest language: Most Americans speak it.... 'nuf said?
Just Askin' (1 Jul, 2012) Reply
Just what exactly are the certain things that bucks do when does are present?
That feel (1 Jul, 2012) Reply
..when you are posting your comment in the language you stand to despise.
another foreigner (1 Jul, 2012) Reply
English can be tricky but in general it is way more straight forward than other languages. I speak 5, English is not my first language.I had a lot harder time picking up the other three foreign ones. and my native tongue is quite messed up as well. The funny thing is that, it is Americans who always try to convince me otherwise. And it is Americans who tend to mess up the simple stuff like "they're" "there" and "their"..
Tom Windsor (2 Jul, 2012) Reply
Perhaps we should all be learning to speak Esperanto.
Fred Four-in-hand (2 Jul, 2012)
Perhaps knot.
lil k (2 Jul, 2012) Reply
You let out... (2 Jul, 2012) Reply
Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo.
Argentinean dude (2 Jul, 2012) Reply
Learn Spanish bitches! We have more letters than English.
O...M...G... (2 Jul, 2012) Reply
Well, my primary language is English, and this year I got an F in English class. I've been taking Spanish Classes for two years now, and I had an A in Spanish 2. Yeah, DEFINITELY moving somewhere where I don't have to speak English.
applos (6 Jul, 2012) Reply
He read the red book because he loves to read.
Grammar police (14 Jul, 2012) Reply
American English and British English are only related because the Pilgrims and settlers from Europe came to North America speaking as such. Now, American English is slang and innuendo. And if you look at most of the posts in this list, nobody even cares about grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization or inflection.
i sorta speak spanish (20 Jul, 2012)
True, true.
GP (6 Nov, 2012)
You are wrong.. our english is perfectly fine. Especially after we got rid of that awful British accent.
Have you ever heard Cockney? Now that is some slang. Even Louisiana creole is simpler to understand than that.
SITS (21 Dec, 2012) Reply
Why paint a fish instead of a guitar on the drums?
orly (23 Dec, 2012) Reply
i don't even learn english, i just play videogames, and waw.. that's it.
Confused (3 Jan, 2014) Reply
Ya' bloody well betta git wid the program so y'all kin git some learnin' done roun' here, ace! Ta-ta, pip-pip and all. Damn yanks...
pandaemonium (15 Mar, 2014) Reply
It's all greek to me
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