Feeling bad about your life? Well, at least you're not this guy!
Don't worry, you're gonna be alright... unlike this guy.
Feeling bad about your life? Well, at least you're not this guy!
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Well, (20 Jun, 2012) Reply
So the guy's name is Miley Cyrus. Big deal. Ugly woman tattoo on his arm, though... :)
What's My Name Again? (20 Jun, 2012)
Now that's funny..
Curious (20 Jun, 2012) Reply
Why does he have Ozzy tattooed on his shoulder?
Cynical Sam (21 Jun, 2012)
I thought that was Ju-On (The Grudge)
Liquidd (20 Jun, 2012) Reply
That guy is a real creeper. Kinda makes me scared for miley.
hee (20 Jun, 2012)
the idea of there being a God makes me scared for miley.
Wacko! (20 Jun, 2012) Reply
Ok, that's just creepy in the extreme.
LogiC (20 Jun, 2012) Reply
At least the tattoo artist's children will know the benefits of a tertiary education.
lukus (20 Jun, 2012) Reply
I don't know. Maybe Miley will see this and fall in love with him. That kind of devotion is worth love, right?
hah (20 Jun, 2012) Reply
Security (20 Jun, 2012) Reply
His name is Scott Jenkins, and he is totally a stalker/creeper, having mailed over 1,500 letters to Ms. Cyrus. This is a scan of the card we keep at all the entrances to the concert.
Ahhh this makes more sense now.
At least he has chicken though.
Sarkazmo (20 Jun, 2012) Reply
Miley, same time, file the restraining order NOW!
Ned Stark (20 Jun, 2012) Reply
That is the guy who owns the brothel house in Game of Thrones am I rite?
Milly Jesus (20 Jun, 2012) Reply
Waht the hell izzat on his hand?????
Securitaseur (20 Jun, 2012) Reply
Stalker or worse in the making.
timmy (20 Jun, 2012) Reply
So why does he have a portrait of alice cooper on his arm?
KJ x 4 (21 Jun, 2012) Reply
1.At least he didn't get "Hannah Montana" tattooed onto him,
2.Miley Cyrus has no talent, just like this guy's tattooist,
3.That tattoo of her face looks like Anna Nicole Smith's death photo and
4.Is that at his parents' house?
Whuuuuuut.... (21 Jun, 2012) Reply
What's he gunna think in a couple of years, or how ever long it takes for this episode to pass?
Earl Hickey (21 Jun, 2012) Reply
Look, I figure Miley's got to be OK with this. I mean, she signed his hat and eveything... ;}
Fan (21 Jun, 2012) Reply
If you want to understand my obsession, try walking a miley in my shoes...
quietstorm (21 Jun, 2012) Reply
The expression in his eyes is so creepy and desperate lol
Eagel Eye (21 Jun, 2012) Reply
That person on the couch is giving the finger.
GF01 (22 Jun, 2012)
That person on the couch is his proud father.....
Meyoutoo (22 Jun, 2012) Reply
Thug life bitches!
EatKidneys (23 Jun, 2012) Reply
I wonder WTF the inker was thinking when he did these. It probably took every fiber in his being to allow this to happen...
nikki (24 Jun, 2012) Reply
that dude has grey hair what is he 50? so now he robs the craddle to. eeeeeiiiiiwwwww!!
megs (28 Jun, 2012) Reply
wow...what a stalker. the tattoo of her face sucks it looks like her dad billy ray cyrus in drag lmao
KingSacer (29 Jun, 2012) Reply
Wow lol.. I think its safe to say if Miley Cyrus ever gets kidnapped and chopped into a million pieces....This maniac is suspect number one !!
Yikes! (29 Jun, 2012) Reply
Is that the tanning mom? OMG...what a looser.
FC01 (11 Jul, 2012) Reply
Does no one realize that he's going to abduct her the 1st chance he gets? I guess that wouldn't be too bad. This world would be a better place without people like Miley Cyrus.
Danny Boy (12 Jul, 2012) Reply
I just opened yahoo home page and holy crap theres miley, something about her new tattoo. Weird!!
Semi-Nice (20 Jul, 2012) Reply
I actually feel kinda sorry for the guy. What a sucker.
Joost (26 Aug, 2012) Reply
I I were Miley Cyrus I would get a restraining order for this guy.
i don't know about you.... (30 Aug, 2012) Reply
....but i think Liam could take him on!
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