Not the greatest picnic area
Telling like it is. No sugarcoating.
Not the greatest picnic area
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Ogoboso (13 Jun, 2012) Reply
Where my family spent many a february afternoon. Good times, good times.
raaw (13 Jun, 2012) Reply
What!? No sugarcoating!? Why you little...!
Fisherman (13 Jun, 2012) Reply
Hey, crappies are good eating. The black crappies are particularly tasty.
Grammar Nazi (14 Jun, 2012)
Explosive Pete (14 Jun, 2012) Reply
You shouldnt combine a picnic area with a public dog walking area
Euhj (14 Jun, 2012) Reply
Crappy picnic area
faroutman (14 Jun, 2012) Reply
At least it's not chock full of chubby checkers in speedos or whiny little pukes all hopped up on the purple drink. Breakout the KFC.
Taxed (14 Jun, 2012) Reply
Another "Shovel Ready" project from the administration?
Biden (14 Jun, 2012) Reply
Here's the Stimulus money at work. Another job completed ending unemployment.
LOL (15 Jun, 2012) Reply
Dude, you can't even spell "Crappy" right...
In Louisiana, thy're sacalait (17 Jun, 2012) Reply
Must be in Arkansas, nice. (visit link)
Anon (19 Jun, 2012) Reply
Looks like Wyoming to me...
No kidding (19 Jun, 2012) Reply
I cannot believe some joker hasn't added "ST" to the end of "Crappie." Place must be so "crappie" that nobody ever goes there. It looks like a great spot to dump a body. Just an observation.
Crappist (5 Jul, 2012) Reply
omg dis id like da best pikneck places eva!!!
ghbddhj (24 Jul, 2012) Reply
They do know crappie is a fish an d not even pronounced like crappy
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