Rock-paper-scissors rant
There's no way paper can beat rock.
Rock-paper-scissors rant
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Andreeze (11 Jun, 2012) Reply
Alright then, how about an electric sledgehammer? That can certainly beat rock, and scissors will beat it by cutting the wire. Shall we henceforth fold our fingers in the shape of a sledgehammer and beat that damn rock?
The NEW rock paper scissors (11 Jun, 2012) Reply
Here is the new rules. (visit link)
Tildor the Brief (11 Jun, 2012)
I don't remember seeing that one.
Old nerd.... (11 Jun, 2012) Reply
... Lizard, Spock. There! It's done!
Isabelle (11 Jun, 2012) Reply
In France (or at least, when I was a child), we have well too. Taking rock or scissors is no good idea when playing with a well.
Walt (13 Jun, 2012)
I hear its made of bacon over there
Then when somebody... (11 Jun, 2012) Reply
...writes me "PLS" in a text message because it's shorter than "PLEASE", I answer "NO" because it's shorter than "YES"
High Stakes Player (11 Jun, 2012) Reply
TL;DR arguement on game.
Tildor the Brief (11 Jun, 2012)
I would probably agree with you on this, but your comment is tl;dr.
how's about... (12 Jun, 2012) Reply
Rock, paper, scissors, baseball bat, colt 45, m-16, m1 Abrams tank, hydrogen bomb?
Would that make your little rant any easier?
Dayammmm, I hate whiny Europeans.
M (12 Jun, 2012) Reply
Is anyone else besides me wondering why anybody would bother to go to the trouble of putting this rant on some kind of sign or wall hanging? Oh, wait - I bet it's "art". Yeah, that's gotta be it... ;D
LogiC (12 Jun, 2012) Reply
Actually paper is good at wrapping things. Sounds dumb but with a nice roll of paper about 5 wraps around someone, fairly tight, would be just about enough to immobilise them for some time.
Odds and Evens (12 Jun, 2012) Reply
Much easier.
u hate too much (12 Jun, 2012) Reply
Try destroying a scissors with a rock. Its impossible.
Mad docs (13 Jun, 2012) Reply
This joke comes from prehistoric internet.
Graf (14 Jun, 2012) Reply
This joke is so old you can see it clearly comes from the time when the internet was written on wooden boards.
stalkerlol!! (25 Jun, 2012) Reply
skip (3 Jul, 2012) Reply
i completely skipped this one when i saw how much i was going to have to read. is there an audio version?
person who choses paper (5 Apr, 2013) Reply
and i will block you with my already flat palm see how that works? also 1/2 of a phonebook can stop most small caliber bullets if put in the right place somehow i doubt a rock will phase said phonebook (made of paper)
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