Never don't give up
That's not is very clever is not yes do.
Never don't give up
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solution (1 Jun, 2012) Reply
Just add a "/"
Daaggg (1 Jun, 2012) Reply
They don't think it be like it is, but it do.
AaronS (1 Jun, 2012) Reply
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
bill posters (1 Jun, 2012) Reply
I've got no regerts.
ghmm (1 Jun, 2012) Reply
This dude ofc fails, but there are languages that use double negative words to express denial. In my language "Never give up" translated directly would sound something like "Never do give up". And translated in other direction (to english) - "Never not give up", as well as "Never don`t give up". Thats probably how it happened to this armpit. Still "All your base are belong to us" style mistakes is lack of proper english language skills.
Milos (24 Aug, 2013)
Yep, that's really the case in some languages. But he wrote it in English.
petitbabygurl (1 Jun, 2012) Reply
Uhhhh....really? Too funny!!
sooo (1 Jun, 2012) Reply
it should have been, "don't never give up" right?
Bubba (1 Jun, 2012)
ryan (24 Jun, 2012)
"Don't ever give up"
Even better.
Harry (1 Jun, 2012) Reply
Springbok (1 Jun, 2012) Reply
That's the worse rickroll I've ever seen.
Oniönhead (13 Nov, 2012)
"The worse"??
And how is this even remotely a rickroll??
Maybe it's (1 Jun, 2012) Reply
Just another way of saying "Quit while you're ahead"...
Name (1 Jun, 2012) Reply
Im gona make. give dont never up
d o uble (1 Jun, 2012) Reply
double failrue
The Old Philosopher (2 Jun, 2012) Reply
Never give up ... that ship!
(visit link)
Beru (3 Jun, 2012) Reply
We don't need NO education!
Joc Sacreblu (3 Jun, 2012) Reply
He must be French
Non-cutting EmoooGirl (3 Jun, 2012) Reply
I just can't help but notice how unorganized that room is. I hope it's not his. And I REALLY hope it's NOT the shop. :>
zhopa (4 Jun, 2012) Reply
Whole lotta quit in that boy.
There'd be a good market in a 'drunk tattooing' mode, but then, I suppose a lot of tattoo artists would be out of work.
Maybe (4 Jun, 2012) Reply
His name is "Never". ^^
gg (4 Jun, 2012) Reply
not funny!!!
hellfather (11 Jun, 2012) Reply
i liked the comment " he must be french " lol
umm (20 Jun, 2012) Reply
looking at the size of his arm, he hasn't even started
jesse (21 Jun, 2012) Reply
2kid's never like before
... (13 Jul, 2012) Reply
make the FAIL bigger :/
lee (26 Jul, 2012) Reply
Brillant tatoo
Jay (19 Aug, 2012) Reply
U mean Don't Give Up Never lmao
me (16 Sep, 2012) Reply
this is polish probably he took the never give up to translate from polish: nigdy sie nie poddawaj do never as nigdy and dont give up as nie poddawaj sie
jz (8 Dec, 2012) Reply
He is Polish and he's a complete idiot for not even asking anybody who knows English if what he was gooing to get tottooed was correct.
Daniel (3 Jun, 2013) Reply
Why would he correct it? He's too dumb to even know it's wrong.
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