Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
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Vladimir (Ras)putin (18 May, 2012) Reply
Russia - Napoleon 1812, Hitler 1941.
Obama (18 May, 2012)
Mitt Romney 2013?
Reader (19 May, 2012)
As Rome fell, so will the USA under Obama
jhl;;j (20 May, 2012)
Reader....I don't think you know anything about Rome...
... (20 May, 2012)
@Reader: So the United States will be attacked by hordes of raiding barbarians? MY GOD.
raiding barbarian (22 May, 2012)
don't you dare to laugh or else...
@Reader (22 May, 2012)
America will spit in two? with the western half still speaking english and soon dissolving, and the eastern half switching to some other language (most prob spanish) becoming a fanatically religious superpower defended by said raiding barbarian recruits (varangians) and continuing for another 500 years or so?
Spencer (18 May, 2012) Reply
*ahem* - Awesome look for a phone, not so much a desktop.
Realist (18 May, 2012)
Neither nor.
@Realist (21 May, 2012)
Actually you mean to just say "Neither" When given the context of a complete sentence you'd say "Neither or" because "Neither nor" is a double negative which essentially means the same as "Either or" but in an ass-backwards way of saying it.
@@Realist (24 May, 2012)
Neither are you right, nor do you know anything about proper grammar.
Rick Santorum (18 May, 2012) Reply
Hells Jyeah! Win8 is going to fall on its uppity face!
Hirohito the VIking (18 May, 2012) Reply
Who is this Carlos Santana? And way does he want to teech us geography?
And (19 May, 2012)
in your case he should also teach spelling.
eubillie (19 May, 2012) Reply
I haven't used even seen a windows screen since vista; you're not kidding, they really did that? I guess it's the perfect os for people who listen to mainstream media and believe politicians. Unbelievable and also very insulting.
Steve Jobs (19 May, 2012) Reply
Even from the grave, I am able to mess with Microsoft. bwahahahahaahhahahahhaha
Whitt (19 May, 2012) Reply
Building blocks anyone?
XP Forever (19 May, 2012) Reply
This is why I stick with XP.
Android (20 May, 2012) Reply
See also: Google Play Store...
winterhog (21 May, 2012) Reply
Repeating efficient designs surely is a horrible thing to do.
john (21 May, 2012) Reply
most new product ideas from old apps.
bobby (21 May, 2012) Reply
AOL ending up becoming one of the largest companies in the world with layout.
The watermelon (26 May, 2012) Reply
Well isn't it ironic that eatliver's favicon (the pic you'd usually see to the left for a tab) is really similar to ehow.com's favicon? Maybe just a coincidence?
Linux (26 May, 2012) Reply
hmmm (11 Jun, 2012) Reply
Solitaire gets it's own icon? Seriously, is it THAT hard to grab a deck of cards? You can CHEAT with real cards...
Jim Van Damme (13 Jul, 2012) Reply
Linux Mint rocks!!
Windows, not so much.
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