Movie audio levels: day vs. night
Made by Ryan Selvy.
Movie audio levels: day vs. night
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zombie (14 May, 2012) Reply
Trollolol (14 May, 2012) Reply
Actually, it makes sense - during the day, there are lots of noises from home activity, neighbours, street, etc., so sound volume is compressed and can be easily adjusted and kept at a relatively constant level. At night, when everything is quiet, you can enjoy the full dynamic range of sound.
LandLord (14 May, 2012)
Ye, you so smarts? You know siense and everythings? You think you are bestest than me?
julia gulia mash potatoes (14 May, 2012) Reply
so true!!!
Dude (14 May, 2012) Reply
I've always wondered why, late at night, the audio of a movie changes from a sine wave to a super-amplification of Lech Walesa's signature.
Lech (15 May, 2012)
And now you know!
Late Night Horror Man (14 May, 2012) Reply
My wife concurs.
Cynical Sam (15 May, 2012)
I think you spelled "conquers" incorrectly.
Salzigtal (14 May, 2012) Reply
Fail, waveform traces cannot travel back (left) in time.
Albert (15 May, 2012)
Shut up, just look at the picture!
obviously it can!
Rick Santorum (14 May, 2012) Reply
That waveform is traveling through time.
3333 (15 May, 2012) Reply
hi (22 May, 2012) Reply
Pantsss (29 Aug, 2012) Reply
I get it, happens all the time. You try and enjoy the movie at normal volume without waking up the person in the next room but then it goes reaalllly loud, so you turn it down. Then its really quiet so you put it back to normal then boom off it goes again.
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