Are you waiting for a sign?
This is it!
Are you waiting for a sign?
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s (7 May, 2012) Reply
dont get it
nax (7 May, 2012)
that's because you're not waiting for it
YES.... (7 May, 2012) Reply
but what does it all mean ???
Skipweasel (7 May, 2012)
This is not the sign you are waiting for.
NO (7 May, 2012)
I'm sorry but your sign is in another castle.
my real name is Methos (7 May, 2012) Reply
it refers to the traffic sign on the right,ADHD,CTE,PTSD.I hope that was useful.expand your prospects people.
Beta Version #1 (7 May, 2012) Reply
The sign is hidden in plain sight. Don't you see it? Hint: it's white and has black printing on it.
my real name is Methos (8 May, 2012)
no it's the traffic sign,it's the traffic sign,it's the sign,the traffic,traffic sign,it's...
rc (8 May, 2012) Reply
They are talking about a sign of times a message from god
not found (9 May, 2012) Reply
Error 404 : Sign not found.
big bro (9 May, 2012) Reply
a sign that the government will surveil your every move? top left.
londoner (21 Jun, 2012) Reply
candem town, london
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