This. Just look at this.
Yes, it's a cat with bread on his paws.
This. Just look at this.
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Smokey the Cat (25 Apr, 2012) Reply
Okay, Human, you laugh now. But when the takeover begins....
Smokey the Cat (3 Oct, 2012)
...though shalt feel mine wrath!
Mr. Whiskers (25 Apr, 2012) Reply
Claws deploying in 3 - 2 - 1...
This cat.... (25 Apr, 2012) Reply inbre(a)d.
Enter code here: (25 Apr, 2012) Reply
The bunny with a pancake on its head knows your pain.
Reminds Me (25 Apr, 2012) Reply
Of the Gypo with his bread helmet during the Cairo uprising
Chinese (25 Apr, 2012) Reply
add some bacon and put in the oven
Thundersheds (25 Apr, 2012) Reply
We laugh at the Japanese, but we're the ones forcing our pets through food stuffs for cheap laughs
hates cats (25 Apr, 2012) Reply
I like cat sandwiches too.
Sally Struthers (25 Apr, 2012) Reply
What a waste of food.. There are people starving in most of Africa (as you can see in the other photo).
WH (25 Apr, 2012) Reply
Ready for deep frying! Yum!
Warren (6 May, 2012) Reply
In bread cat !
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