Your wireless internet signal strength
Time to move in with your neighbor.
Your wireless internet signal strength
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wiffi (23 Apr, 2012) Reply
thats why you put your router by your xbox noob
hmm.. (23 Apr, 2012)
Then you'd just get a poor signal.
Hard Face (23 Apr, 2012)
so you can go from crap to poor? take it to the garden!!
maybe... (25 Apr, 2012)
If the neighbor is a hot girl, just go there.
Beta Version #1 (23 Apr, 2012) Reply
That's why you use hard-wire for all your conections. And yer neighbor can go scr*w him/herself.
LogiC (23 Apr, 2012) Reply
So true, my room is a mess trying to position the PC to get a signal.
rAnDoM CoMmEnTeR (23 Apr, 2012) Reply
I once had a clock radio that could only pick up one station, the crappiest one on the air, throughout my entire house, but in my neighbor's house it picked up all the stations. So I can relate to the wireless signal problem. Not that anyone cares.
Anyone (24 Apr, 2012)
Val (23 Apr, 2012) Reply
Wireless internet absolutely SUCKS.
Not only is it SLOW as molasses and very insecure, it'll also make you get TUMORS from all of the electro-smog radiation.
High Self-Esteem (25 Apr, 2012)
Insecure? Well, no wonder! I'd also be insecure if you bad mouthed me the way you bad mouth your router.
false (23 Apr, 2012) Reply
The signal strength at the router should be green, not yellow.
MagpieFromHell (23 Apr, 2012) Reply
I remember once i connected to an open network with -100 decibels of signal (at -105, i can't see it anymore) and my internet browsing was perfectly fine. And use WPA2 protection with a long key and you're uncrackable anyway, so who cares if the neighbours can get your signal
Fludge (23 Apr, 2012) Reply
This is because you are connecting to your neighbor's router.
Xbox 360 (23 Apr, 2012) Reply
Why do they call it an Xbox 360? Because when you see one you turn 360 degrees and walk away.
Itsatrap (24 Apr, 2012)
Guess what! After you turn 360 degrees, Xbox will still be in front of you.
PS3 (24 Apr, 2012)
Said the PS3 user.
ojfw20 (24 Apr, 2012)
no, if you turned 360 degrees then you would still be facing the xbox, dumbass.
Xbox 360 (24 Apr, 2012)
LOL, noobs.
goon (10 Dec, 2012)
haha I love that people still fall for that troll.
msfan (11 Dec, 2012)
That will all change with the xbox 720.
sdf (24 Apr, 2012) Reply
just set your router in neighbours house.
eskaywalker (24 Apr, 2012) Reply
I dont get it...
Are cables so expensive?
scream313 (3 May, 2012) Reply
no problems here my wifi works super all over the house i have 300 mb with a good wifi router tp-wr1043nd
GoneWired (5 May, 2012)
No way could I stream BluRay over wireless N. Even 4.35GB iso files were unreliable. That was over only 6m direct line-of-sight. Wired has solved everything.
Brandon / computer support Secialist (5 May, 2012) Reply
You could be using the same frequency as your newborns or your wireless telephone could have an affect try changing your wireless power output and frequency untill you achieve maximum performance .
leo (7 May, 2012) Reply
that's why you suppose to use your neighbors signal...
tom-tom (11 Dec, 2012) Reply
poopy doop
j (11 Dec, 2012) Reply
please, update your draw with room names/uses. Even add locations where refrigrator, microwave and windows.
Luis (11 Dec, 2012) Reply
PLC works great. The price is good, even on 500 Mbps devices.
Merle (4 Jan, 2013) Reply
How do I find my wifi key on my computer to get a signal on my laptop please?
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