My Monday mornings
I'm not done with yesterday yet.
My Monday mornings
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Old Guy (23 Apr, 2012) Reply
Looks like my Grand daughter on school day mornings.
Walt Disneys Frozen Head (24 Apr, 2012)
You must have ugly children, surprised they mated tbh
LandLord (24 Apr, 2012)
You are not a nice man, Walt.
@WaltDisneysFrozenHead (24 Apr, 2012)
....I agree, you sound a bit cold about it. Icy, even.
@Landlord (25 Apr, 2012)
what do you expect? Killing Bambi's mother was a big clue. x Walt.
richginger (19 Aug, 2012)
@walt disneys frozen head, stop being a little douche. i will eat you. get off the internet. now.
asdasd (24 Apr, 2012) Reply
Vet (24 Apr, 2012) Reply
Worst case of catiside, I have ever seen.
Cynical Sam (25 Apr, 2012) Reply
If you add a kitty paw m/ it becomes epic Rock n' Roll, head bangin' kitty!
Cynical Sam (26 Apr, 2012)
karina ross (5 Jun, 2012) Reply
i didn't get it.
faroutman (8 Jun, 2012) Reply
Somebody get that cat a cold beer. He'll be alright in a bit, might even make it to work.
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