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Blame straight people.
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notgay (18 Apr, 2012) Reply
Just as well when you think about it.
sarcasm (18 Apr, 2012) Reply
that should bring the customers in
catlover (18 Apr, 2012) Reply
Invent a prenatal gay test and we can abort them on time.
Goodgirl (19 Apr, 2012)
What a horrible comment. You apparently are either very young or just not a happy person to express something so hateful. God don't like ugly.
Ugly (20 Apr, 2012)
Ugly don't like god either
Cynical Sam (24 Apr, 2012)
catlover lays out a slippery slope eventuality that has shown itself throughout cyclical history (acceptance-->disdain); it is the danger of claiming that homosexuality is genetic, as opposed to just having a predeliction of choice in attraction (like having a preferred ice cream).
josephj (18 Apr, 2012) Reply
LOL`D hard
lukus (18 Apr, 2012) Reply
I'm all for happy babies.
Everyone Everywhere (18 Apr, 2012) Reply
Yet more evidence of how whatever political beliefs I have are superior to whatever political beliefs I assume you have.
Stoopid (19 Apr, 2012)
If you are half as smart as I think you are, you've got to be some kind of supersonic genius!
Truthlover (19 Apr, 2012) Reply
Were they are right...
superluminous genius (19 Apr, 2012) Reply
you are all uncertain (I think)
Val (19 Apr, 2012) Reply
Bisphenol-A is the real gender bender. A very small percentage of gays are born gay. They become gay later in their lives. I would be surprised if the webmaster of eatliver.com actually allows this comment to be posted in the comments. Seems he/she is fine with comments such as "Invent a prenatal gay test and we can abort them on time." But when I leave constructive comment on this lame excuse of a funny site, the webmaster just doesn't feel like allowing it to be posted to the comments. Loser.
LandLord (19 Apr, 2012)
Why are you here if you hate it so much?
Val's Psychiatrist (19 Apr, 2012)
Let me guess: by "constructive comment" you mean insults and swearing? You poor soul. Evil webmaster is so unfair :(
winterhog (19 Apr, 2012)
If your comment will be censored, no one will read your complain. If it won't, your complain will be invalid. So why do you even begin to rant after a solid scientific remark that is nice on its own.
Val (21 Apr, 2012)
- winterhog: The science behind this street sign is nothing more than crack pot science. It looks at gays in their current form--with some portions of their brain enlarged or reduced, or something like that. It does NOT look at how these people became this way and it doesn't take into consideration their mothers, who also get exposed to BPA while being pregnant with them.
- Val's Psychiatrist: The saddest part about this situation is the fact that there was absolutely no profanity from me in any of the posts that I've made to this site.
- LandLord: I just like a good laugh, that's way I'm here. But in my humble opinion, I believe the webmaster of this site just doesn't want this site to turn into a centre of debate--as my comments tend to spark viscous debates. I understand the webmaster quite well but I just can't resist and I always tend to point out the absurdities which lead people in the wrong direction.
Cheers to all.
ThatGuy (4 Jun, 2012)
Val...you never thought why it is that your comment lead to debates? Its probably because everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and dont give a damn about yours.
Oh really? (19 Apr, 2012) Reply
I wouldn't think that babies would have a sexual orientation. At what age do we develop self consciousness?
LandLord (19 Apr, 2012)
Some people: never.
Fart (21 Apr, 2012) Reply
It's not our fault we forgot to wear a condom!
no crapexlax (5 May, 2012) Reply
funy thing, as much as gays define themselves as "Different" they still need straights to"grow" their numbers which is at best 3% of ANY country's population base. you gay liberals had better be glad and appreciate your "intolerant stuffy stiff conservative" parents, that they DONT use abortion. because those LIBERALS who do, are not going to be your parents.. just a thought before you start with that "breeder" label.
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