Gender equality
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Mysoginist (16 Apr, 2012) Reply
Yeah, being a man is so hard with all those superior wages and complete career freedom. Those bitches need to learn their place.
Misandrist (16 Apr, 2012)
There is a reason for the wage gap. You are comparing apples and oranges. Once women embrace working unsocial hours, potentionally hazardous environments, roles relying on hard sciences, the gap disappears. Studies comparing like for like positions actually found women on average earn MORE than men.
Watch and be enlightened (visit link)
y-chromosome (16 Apr, 2012)
wow, someone actually dumb enough to believe feminist propaganda! (though, regarding superior wages, you may have a point if you work in the obama administration)
Lobster Plate (16 Apr, 2012)
Men get superior wages because they are superior.
@Lobster (17 Apr, 2012)
Is male contribution to society superior?
Butter (17 Apr, 2012)
Well yeah, men invented all of the daily tools and gadgets that women love to use (ie Smartphones, Cameras, Facebook)
Chauvanist (21 Apr, 2012)
its a real bitch being a white middle class male in America don't cha know? like they even like let colleges for only african americans but cant have that for white people and cmon like its cool for all the black kids to sit together in the cafe but white boys no wayyy. You know like that first time i walked into a barber shop closer to the 8 mile divide and everyone in it and working was Black!! i was like omg and so of course my friend Andre could get a job there- like african americans and women have no idea what its like walking into a place of employment and being a minority there! or fear getting hired cas everyone who works there view yah as different!
Zoopnigh (23 Apr, 2012)
Because career freedom remotely compares to being sent to jail or labeled a pervert/sex offender or not being allowed to stand up for yourself.
Think (9 Apr, 2013)
(visit link)
Maybe not THE reason but certainly something to think about.
Junkyard Dog (16 Apr, 2012) Reply
Bitches aint nutten but bitches!
Yeah (16 Apr, 2012) Reply
I am still happy being a guy.
Quit the whining (16 Apr, 2012) Reply
One wonders how many millions of men have died in order that women may live. Ungrateful witches.
Equality-man (16 Apr, 2012) Reply
It's not just about gender, the same thing applies to children and animals. So not fair!
Cat supporter (16 Apr, 2012)
Cats are the exception. Cats lick their genitals in public and yet we love them.
Not a pervert (16 Apr, 2012) Reply
If women don't want me to stare at their breasts they should quit wearing low cut tops. It's like blaming a compass for pointing north.
Chauvanist (21 Apr, 2012)
fundamental flaw of attribution. go look that stuff up...
Uh, hem (16 Apr, 2012) Reply
Women making sammiches: all is well with the world
Men making sammiches: The man killed the bitch, because she wouldn't make sammiches.
winterhog (16 Apr, 2012) Reply
I don't get it. Is there something wrong in being perverted?
Old Guy (16 Apr, 2012) Reply
When I was working women stayed home and loafed around all day. I didn't mind if they layed around as long as I had clean house, clean clothes and supper on the table when I cam home.
J. Smithlao (16 Apr, 2012) Reply
Touché, bitches!
LogiC (17 Apr, 2012) Reply
There is a difference in wages between men and women doing the same jobs. There is also cultural limits, which while much greatly reduced, are still present. The "get me a sammich" jokes being a common example. The biggest point I think people get lost on, with this "feminism and equal pay" issue is that if a women does a job she expects the same pay as a man working in a similar position. The pay divide is more apparent in higher pay brackets. Beyond that (most) women want to be treated like a lady. They usually don't want to be treated like a man, they just want equal working conditions and pay. What Misandrist posted is fluff. What is said in the video will not happen. Society is resilient and for it to collapse there would need to be a massive convergence of bad events.
Trollolol (18 Apr, 2012)
And don't we have such a convergence? Apart from rampant feminism whe have raging consumptionism (not consumerism), social pressure on pursuing prefedined career templates and more. Flawed definitions of success in life are driving people into dissatisfaction or even depression, making them take wrong choices in desperate struggle to achieve "success", only to find out that they are not happy at all! Television and now the Internet have marginalised or totally replaced many social activities; social networks serve as a toxic substitute for real interpersonal relations. With all that in the background, the government is growing in size while at the same time reducing itself to a corporate puppet. To make people look away from domestic problems, stupid wars are being fought. While they are stimulating the economy on paper, they keep hurting it in reality. Shall I go on?
Trollolol (18 Apr, 2012)
Blah, how come one can see typos _after_ clicking send? ;)
Mr. Time (20 Apr, 2012)
So what you are saying is that women want all the pros and none of the cons by being male or female(this case female). aka what is portrayed in this picture.
Kay (17 Apr, 2012) Reply
Won the prize 'Troll of the week' :)
bex (17 Apr, 2012) Reply
I wouldn't say a woman was romantic if they suddenly kiss a man. I'd probably call her a s***. Unless they were in a relationship, in which case if a man suddenly kissed a woman he was in a relationship with, I hope wouldn't be seen as perverted. Physically, men are generally stronger than women, not always, but generally. But this does not mean women shouldn't get equal pay etc. Women, I believe have a higher pain threshold. Childbirth is the prime example. And we are not subject to such terrible illnesses as the Man Flu.
Each individual has there own strengths and weaknesses.
Grammar Nazi (17 Apr, 2012)
I don't have any weaknesses "there".
Reality (17 Apr, 2012) Reply
In 2008, 93% of workplace fatalities were male. I need a raise.
Yazeed (17 Apr, 2012) Reply
100%. Right
A porter (17 Apr, 2012) Reply
When a woman takes a room service to a room in the same way i will, then we shall be even. AThough they get the same pay, working hours and perks. they jus dont have to do heavy labor. Fair?
3333 (17 Apr, 2012) Reply
Equality does not mean happiness. Concentrate on being happy - instead of being "equal".
Susan be Anthony (18 Apr, 2012) Reply
so,women are Repulican and men are Democrat?
Ben (19 Apr, 2012) Reply
We, mans, might be wearing the pants. But ladies decide when you drop em or not. They just got a little too ambitious as it is in their genetics, true story.
Chris (20 Apr, 2012) Reply
Perhaps if women hadn't been oppressed by men until the last 50ish years, they would be in a much better position now. For any man to cry "oppression" or "discrimination" is just laughable.
Chris (20 Apr, 2012) Reply
Perhaps if women hadn't been oppressed by men until the last 50ish years, they would be in a much better position now. For any man to cry "oppression" or "discrimination" is just laughable.
Three (22 Apr, 2012) Reply
It's soooo adorable when small male minds try to troll. It's like watching a Chihuahua try to hump a Collie.
Mmhmm (5 May, 2012) Reply
Kinda like a fireman, ther are women but damn I'd I want one to try & tote mien arsche down the ladder!
majyyks (31 May, 2012) Reply
Wow, I don't even have the patience to explain why each one of these is wrong.
Misanthrope (19 Jul, 2012) Reply
It looks like the Mysoginist couldn't spell "mysogynist."
This is why you're alone. (15 Aug, 2012) Reply
Women deserve every ounce of special treatment they get after all the obstacles we've had to overcome to even be a force in the job market
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