The bucket list: 15 things to do before you die
The bucket list: 15 things to do before you die
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Lactose-intolerant (24 Mar, 2012) Reply
Gonna try a couple
Nemo -- N'rn WI (24 Mar, 2012)
'specially the Stacy's mom.
red (24 Mar, 2012) Reply
Gotta try the elevator one, made me lol :)
maybe (26 Mar, 2012)
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Sour faced (24 Mar, 2012) Reply
one more.. find the person who made this list and punch him hard in face
Iron Hippo (24 Mar, 2012) Reply
Other good horse names:
Another horse
Norfolk Enchants
Hoof Hearted
Nochants Inhel (27 Mar, 2012)
Norfolk Enchants ... ROFL
Trurl (18 Aug, 2013)
Another Horse was (ex Liverpool FC players) Robbie Fowler and Steve McManaman`s second horse, their first was named Some Horse. Their reason obviously was to have fun making the speaker at the track shout things like "Some Horse is coming up on the outside...Another Horse takes the lead...Some Horse wins!
Their big winner was rather boringly named Seebald though, probably because they only owned part of it and the other owners weren`t sharing their humour.
Shorty (24 Mar, 2012) Reply
I will do everything except stacys mom.
Emmet Browne (26 Mar, 2012)
She's got it goin' on!
meh (24 Mar, 2012) Reply
vanilla pudding + mayo jar = epic win
Stacy's mom (24 Mar, 2012) Reply
... has got it goin' on! ;-)
Stupidness Abounds (24 Mar, 2012) Reply
This whole list is stupid.
@Stupidness Abounds (26 Mar, 2012)
you sir, have no sense of humor at all :)
Emmet Browne (24 Mar, 2012) Reply
I'm totally doing the "What year is it" one!
Francisco (25 Mar, 2012) Reply
Me he reĆ­do a carcajadas. Muy buenas ideas.
lemonade (11 May, 2012) Reply
i really didn't get the first 3 but i got theo other ones
Burrito Snatcher (1 Sep, 2012)
When Life give you lemons,... get it now?
life (1 Nov, 2012)
Lalaloops (17 Aug, 2012) Reply
I did the pudding in a mayo jar one !
why who wants to know? (18 May, 2013) Reply
bahaha so trying them loooooool :)
Areina (24 Nov, 2013) Reply
Fill vodka bottle with sprite. Chug in public.
Random-Girl (31 Dec, 2013) Reply
How about:
Awesome Girl (27 Jan, 2014) Reply
I don't get the 4th to last one...
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