Cholafied: celebrities turned into cholas
Stupid Photoshop project of the day. Made by Michael Jason Enriquez.
Cholafied: celebrities turned into cholas
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TB (16 Mar, 2012) Reply
Why was the Bieber picture not Cholafied?
Evil (16 Mar, 2012)
He was born that way.
red (16 Mar, 2012)
Damn beat me to the obvious Bieber comment :(
Shirime (16 Mar, 2012) Reply
Chola Fried Y'all kinda reminds me of Ronald McDonald
true (16 Mar, 2012)
and I'm lovin it
Shorty (16 Mar, 2012) Reply
Buschemi is definitely the creepiest.
Tally (16 Mar, 2012)
+ for making me look again to be sure he's not there.
10n (16 Mar, 2012) Reply
last one is pretty hot
Mephisto (16 Mar, 2012) Reply
You stole that from me. Burn in Hell!
zhopa (17 Mar, 2012) Reply
Who's the chick in the lower right? She sets off the gaydar bad.
Bob (17 Mar, 2012) Reply
What's different in Bieber's picture?
Ice (17 Mar, 2012) Reply
...Bieber looks like PINK in the picture!
Barook (18 Mar, 2012) Reply
I really can't see any difference at all in Michelle Obama's picture.
Andre Dúmbass (17 Dec, 2013)
prolly cuz she's not 1 of the pic's
Jerry (20 Mar, 2012) Reply
Uncle Leo??
heather (29 Mar, 2012) Reply
thebigbadwolf (25 Apr, 2012) Reply
they all look the same to me...
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