90s vs. today
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Nubcake (12 Mar, 2012) Reply
I always thought it was meant to be Mel Gibson...
Nubpie (12 Mar, 2012)
No, that's Lindsay Lohan from the parent trap.
NubBin (30 Mar, 2012)
DUmass, thatS justine bieBer
meh (12 Mar, 2012) Reply
Watching TV today - that TV is way too small and 2D to be a modern TV
Father Ted (12 Mar, 2012)
These cows are small but these cows are far away.
Father Dougall (30 Mar, 2012)
Ahh, I don't get it, Ted. Will you explain it again?
Old Guy (12 Mar, 2012) Reply
Life as we know it is over. Come on Dec 21!
Shirime (12 Mar, 2012) Reply
It's a known fact that every tablet owner use it while taking a poo. That's why I never borrow one.
Truth! (12 Mar, 2012) Reply
just because you are on the computers 24/7 getting fat, being lazy and dumb, you silly Americans, does not mean the whole world is like that.
ThurtStruh (12 Mar, 2012)
Pictures from around the world would all like to have a word with you, Mr. Hipster American Troll. ;-)
Cynical Sam (12 Mar, 2012) Reply
Beepers: (visit link)
well... (12 Mar, 2012) Reply
music hasn't changed much
You (12 Mar, 2012)
Can say that again!
well... (13 Mar, 2012)
music hasn't changed much
CallMeJohn (12 Mar, 2012) Reply
I know more people that listen to Nirvana than Justin Beiber, so it didn't really change.
NotMyRealName (18 Mar, 2012)
They call me John at the massage parlor.
They call me Rube at the at the circus.
They call me Mark at the casino.
Mobile (13 Mar, 2012) Reply
I had one of these in the 90s: (visit link)
Before that I was using (visit link)
... (13 Mar, 2012) Reply
Wow. Pregnancy tests haven't changed their appearance in 20 years?
Hey (14 Mar, 2012) Reply
How's that cellphone supposed to work if it's in airplane mode?
Neko (21 Mar, 2012) Reply
o.o' My dad does that on the toilet.
Jan Bonnet (5 Oct, 2012) Reply
not much of a change in music. I still hope Bieber does as Kobain and realizes how much he sucks and do something about himself
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