A brief history of History Channel
A brief history of History Channel
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Yup (12 Mar, 2012) Reply
Amagad (12 Mar, 2012) Reply
Hitler Channel!!! (visit link)
Old Guy (12 Mar, 2012) Reply
I've seen this before. Heck, I've even lived some of this before. Old History is old.
Cynical Sam (12 Mar, 2012)
Perhaps you are the right person to tell me then, what's up with the weird Black bird whispering in Hitler's ear?
Old Guy (12 Mar, 2012)
@Cynical... It's his "Familiar" You know he was a warlock of the Devil.
tnt (13 Mar, 2012)
actually there are many indications Hitler was actually the second coming of Jesus.
I assume the bird is the Devil, tempting Hitler to stop the war against the dark forces.
Hey (13 Mar, 2012)
@tnt Actually, there are many indications that you're a moron.
Cynical Sam (14 Mar, 2012)
Thanks, Old Guy. I did a little research and now know what a "familiar" is.
lukus (12 Mar, 2012) Reply
What happens in 2012?
Hey (13 Mar, 2012)
...you ask silly questions?
LogiC (14 Mar, 2012)
The Earth makes a complete revolution around the sun, life goes on, idiots rave loudly, the usual.
sad 90s kid (12 Mar, 2012) Reply
reality tv has ruined the world
Gloria and Jane (12 Mar, 2012) Reply
Miscogynist pigs - it's Herstory!
Correction (13 Mar, 2012)
How about learning to spell misogynist your miserable misandrists!
hi skool grad (13 Mar, 2012)
dey dont teech no speling in skool no mor
WWII (12 Mar, 2012) Reply
It's not so much AdolfChannel as it is HolocaustChannel, or better: "OnlyJewsSufferedInWorldWarIILetsForgetSlavsAndOthersChannel"
winnie the pooh (12 Mar, 2012)
soo true. 6 millions jews died that is true, but it seems that no one wants to talk about the 25 millions russians.
Azeroth (13 Mar, 2012)
What about all those people from Baltic countries that were killed by russians? Sure, those were less than 25 million, but I fail to see how russians were any better than nazis.
Ugly Joe (16 Mar, 2012)
Yes, aren't we humans so wonderful! People down deep are basically good, no?
EUro (12 Mar, 2012) Reply
Always amused what americans consider "history".
Kim Jong Il (12 Mar, 2012) Reply
Hey How cwum dat Hitwer guy get more cuva dan me
Zac (13 Mar, 2012) Reply
2012 - Pawn Stars
Pierre (13 Mar, 2012) Reply
I surrender
cisnenegro (13 Mar, 2012) Reply
so true!
Colonel Irony (13 Mar, 2012) Reply
HaHaHaHa! Eat Liver is now on the same page as Republican Senator Chuck Grassley!
Count Bodie (18 Mar, 2012) Reply
I wuz gonna call it the "Hitlery Channel", but it reminded me of the Clinton Administration.
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