12 extremely depressing facts about popular music
The saddest thing you'll read all day.
12 extremely depressing facts about popular music
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Not an American (1 Mar, 2012) Reply
ah yes, because artistic ability can easily be measured by records sold or hits charted.
Also, something negative about Americans.
An American (1 Mar, 2012)
artistic ability can be perceived not measured. Also, a refutation of something negative about Americans.
Albert Einstein (1 Mar, 2012)
Nationalism is an infantile disease. It is the measles of mankind.
Becca (1 Mar, 2012)
Justin Beiber is Canadian. I live less than an hour away from his home town.
the first comment was probably (1 Mar, 2012)
Varulfen (1 Mar, 2012)
It's just sad, there are so many untalented "musicians" who make money with their crap, while real artists fall behind. But on the other hand, the market for music has grown quite a bit since Elvis and the Beatles, so it's not a big deal Kesha sold more copies.
@Becca (1 Mar, 2012)
Nobody cares
Person living while Oasis first hit it big (3 Mar, 2012)
I remember reading that Oasis was selling more copies than The Beatles back in the day; perhaps quantity-wise, definitely not percentage-wise.
BeiberSucx (6 Mar, 2012)
Who gives a sh if you live near justin beavers hometown
Felipe (31 Oct, 2012)
Yes, first comment was sarcasm, americans can't see it.
Eurotrash (15 Dec, 2013)
Felipe: It wasn't "sarcasm" since you followed through and said something negative about Americans.
ZachBora (1 Mar, 2012) Reply
Who is Billy Ray Cyrus?
ty (1 Mar, 2012)
He's the father of miley cyrus
just look up achy breaky heart
DJ D3X (6 Mar, 2012)
I just don't think he understands
Q (1 Mar, 2012) Reply
I don't think that these news are that depressing, quite the opposite. Yeah we know, people are retards and have a bad taste in music but the sell records show that the music industry can't be suffering that hard from music piracy as they wish us to believe.
Twenty something man (1 Mar, 2012) Reply
12. is chick not a guy!
Rock (1 Mar, 2012) Reply
Everything is relative. One should compare percentage of households expenditure on music records then and now, as well as take into account price of an audio record relative to to CPI at the time of records release.
Guy (1 Mar, 2012) Reply
Perhaps the smart people with good taste realized "Why pay for music when I can get it for free?" While the dumb children with bad taste said "Mommy Daddy, I gots to get the new Katy Perry and Justin Bieber albums."
Captain Bringdown (1 Mar, 2012) Reply
13. These facts will upset more people than the Holocaust did.
Enter code here: (1 Mar, 2012) Reply
Pull your pants up you simpletons. No one needs to be forced to see your stupid underwear.
haha (1 Mar, 2012) Reply
And downloading is killing the music business
Alex (19 Jun, 2013)
If the music is THIS bad nowadays, pls download more music
3d1 (1 Mar, 2012) Reply
I can swear I saw that post like no more then two or three months ago right here on eatliver
fact (1 Mar, 2012) Reply
there is more people than before = more records were sold
Bla (1 Mar, 2012) Reply
If many flies land on one big crap, it still is one big crap.
BeiberisBeelzebub (1 Mar, 2012) Reply
You can blame all of this countries problems on Obama all day long, but right hear is our society's source of it's own demise! POP IS DEAD!
Jonas Savimbi (1 Mar, 2012) Reply
I like the Flo Rida boxers brand.
Not an idiot (1 Mar, 2012) Reply
Idiots buy things.
Rick Santorum (1 Mar, 2012) Reply
Why do they always show Bob Marley smiling? Doesn't anybody know that guy's history? He was the most racist black person in music history. His son is a lot more tame but Bob was a freakin crazy mean old black guy. Look it up!
Adam Smith (1 Mar, 2012) Reply
Sad, yes.
Also, you are an idiot: the population of every country has increased beyond all reason since the 60s + 70s and people have one click access to singles via many devices and mediums. Do not oversimplify to prove your nationalist agenda. Bad Logic Is Bad (BLIB).
SourApple (2 Mar, 2012)
That only addresses some of these comparisons. The overall point is not invalidated. Like you said, BLIB.
KJ (1 Mar, 2012) Reply
Where there are prepubescent girls, there's terrible music.
Question (1 Mar, 2012) Reply
Where are you people buying records and albums? You can barely find cd's anymore.
Playground bully (2 Mar, 2012) Reply
Pretty sure the cast of Glee has been beaten up more times than the Beatles. and that Beiber dude has probably gotten more azz kickin's too.
huh? (2 Mar, 2012) Reply
who is katy perry?
TrueSpeaker (2 Mar, 2012) Reply
Almost all of the musical artists mentioned there are atrocious anyway, Beatles are almost as bad as bieber
aaron (9 Oct, 2012)
the beatles are just as bad as beiber?? remind me again how you came to this logic?
Nap (2 Mar, 2012) Reply
And that's the last picture of the day. Well played, eatliver.
TDKB (2 Mar, 2012) Reply
I really don't understand what's the thing with "buying" music anyway :D
And on the other hand - how many people prefer McDonald's to restaurants? Is this sad? I guess it's called choice and everyone's entitled to make a poor one repeatedly :)
Cambrius (2 Mar, 2012) Reply
MP3 demo's are a major factor. Record company A&R departments are inundated with demo's which were cooked up by some talentless teenage dingbat in their bedroom. Makes it much harder for talent to get noticed. Shows like X-factor are primarily a way of filtering out the worst of the crud in an attempt to find something vaguely marketable.
Hard Truth (2 Mar, 2012) Reply
This pictorial had me right up until it tried to make the case that Nirvana belongs in the 'talented artist' column and not the 'undeservedly overrated' column. Otherwise it was spot on.
Jeff (2 Mar, 2012) Reply
dont be hating my boy Justin now
Stephen Harper sux (19 Jun, 2013)
So? (2 Mar, 2012) Reply
First, time marches on and popularity changes. Streisand has one hell of a voice. You may not like the music, but your parents did. You can't measure with straight numbers. When the Beatles were making music, there were only 4 billion people on Earth. Today, Rhianna sells to 7 billion people. Selling techniques are better now. If the Beatles were still together, I believe they'd still be monter selling artists, better than all from today.
I ♥ Nickelback (2 Mar, 2012) Reply
Oh noes, other people don't like the same music as I do. Maybe if I insult their favorite musicians, they'll understand that my taste in music is superior to theirs.
I also ♥ Poop (3 Mar, 2012)
Don't take the bait, people. No human being alive would defend such garbage! It's a trap!
Wyatt (2 Mar, 2012) Reply
Another fine example of what we heard about in the 60's. The world is way over populated, so duh, let's not even talk about how many. For us it has always been quality over quantity.
BFD (2 Mar, 2012) Reply
12 examples of how record label marketing has destroyed the music industry.
--there, I fixed it for you
dur (2 Mar, 2012) Reply
and in todays world most of them lip sync and are digitally remastered
Snap Analyst (2 Mar, 2012) Reply
You want art, go to an artist. You want marketable pablum, go to a record company. Don't have to love it or hate it to understand it. Thinking for ourselves is a bitch, but we can't farm it out.
donut (3 Mar, 2012) Reply
damn americans
Reality Check (3 Mar, 2012) Reply
Stupid image, comparing them by albums sold is a retarded way since buying "number ones" is more worth it with things like iTunes (which is a horrid service) unlike the past when we were forced to buy an album with 15 crappy songs for the ONE we wanted. Also there's this cool thing called MORE PEOPLE on the planet and as everyone knows, idiots breed like wild fire (of course I mean religious people) and they have NO taste in good music. There's also this great thing called promotion where in the old concert days there wasn't a booth selling the record you just heard on stage and today's performers SUCK live so most people say "I should by this CD for the way home since this guy sounds like he has something in he throat on stage..." Oh and lets just compare the TYPES of music, how many people buy a CD AND the iTunes, granted, they're stupid, but it happens a LOT and in the old days, PEOPLE SHARED CRAP.
check reality (4 Mar, 2012)
In The Past we were not *forced* to buy anything and an album would only have 16 tracks if they were ridiculously short. Twelve if you were lucky. We did, however, have these things called 'singles'. They were like albums but shorter. This let you have the one you wanted without paying for the others, in case they were crappy. Clever, eh? But then, chances were that if you liked one song of that album, you would'nt think that the others *were* crappy.
Fukang Rly (3 Mar, 2012) Reply
Oh my god! You mean to tell me that record sales have gone up steadily over the years?! You can't be serious!
Zeeshan B Merchant (3 Mar, 2012) Reply
Who are you to tell anyone what good music is. People have the right to choose things on their own terms. Nobody cares about the past, it only looks good because of Nostalgia
winterhog (4 Mar, 2012) Reply
It actually conveys opposite message than intended (as implied by the title). The fact that musicians recording music in 60's are even being compared with modern musicians who live in era of widespread multi-channel television, streaming video sites and worldwide online stores shows their great popularity back in the day.
FriendofYox (5 Mar, 2012) Reply
I found many of those "facts" enjoyable. Not sure if all them are true. But they make me happy except for Glee Streisand Beiber and Dion of course.
Bibop (5 Mar, 2012) Reply
Who made that?? Since when is it depressing to be outperformed by Celine Dion, Shania Twain or Barbra Streisand? They are among the best artists who ever lived. I just don't get it.
Joe (19 Jun, 2013)
I don't understand how you could possibly say that without feeling EXTREME regret after saying that
Klein (19 Jun, 2013)
I'm sure that this comment was a mistake, he must've just been drunk. You guys should probably forgive him, he didn't mean it
justme (5 Mar, 2012) Reply
Just shows you how the value of money has depreciated over the years...
bionicjoe (6 Mar, 2012) Reply
High record sales usually means you have fans too stupid to get music free or not rebuy it. Cater to the teen girl/middle-aged mom crowd = $$$$$
Dave (6 Mar, 2012) Reply
Yes, this has absolutely nothing to do with a dramatic increase in population since the 1960s or the availability of music. Nope!
Miss when music was fun (6 Mar, 2012) Reply
90 percent of these "artists" are what make me sick.
Gone (19 Jun, 2013)
Joetheplumber (6 Mar, 2012) Reply
USA! USA! USA! What was the question?
rateyourmusic (7 Mar, 2012) Reply
Why do you hate women and blacks? :)
Dr. Steve (7 Mar, 2012) Reply
Barbara Streisand should not be included in this subject. Not only was/is she a musical genius, she selected the finest studio musicians available, and gave them lots of work.
canton (7 Mar, 2012) Reply
sad state i must say not one of there persons can sing let along play a guitars even, drums whats more theres a girl thats a guy thats a child says more about how F,ed up the world really is
n (7 Mar, 2012) Reply
number 12!
lotte (7 Mar, 2012) Reply
Look at all those Canadians.
MattDrum (8 Mar, 2012) Reply
When I saw fact #12, I almost pissed my pants, that is the most disturbing fact out of the 12. It also makes my skin crawl that these phonies have sold more copies than Stairway To Heaven! That song is a masterpiece, you want make music, pick up and play an instrument, don't use an 808 drum machine.
Old Guy (8 Mar, 2012) Reply
It makes sense if you take into account the larger population of the world from 1960 to today. 1960 3 Billion, 2012 7 Billion. More people equates to more sales
Juniper (10 Mar, 2012) Reply
Music snobbery - just say no people.
Lezar (10 Mar, 2012) Reply
Oh, Belle & Sebastian. Speaking of, I miss Stuart. The Life Pursuit was so good, I need more of that...You just wait. At the next competition, you'll have to turn up your If You're Feeling Sinister to drown out sbomeody else's If You're Feeling Sinister...(thanks for the shout out)
Kenseiden (11 Mar, 2012) Reply
Number of people before < Number of people now.
Music is fine (15 Mar, 2012) Reply
Popular music has declined, sure, but music in general is thriving. Bands like ratatat, passionpit, fleet foxes, grizzly bear, maps and atlases, artists like nujabes, lemon jelly, mos def, curren$y, sounds like 8-bit and original dubstep (not skrillex et al). You can even go on youtube and see musicians more talented than Kesha, Katy Perry and both Cyrus's combined. Then again Bieber crawled out of the same primordial ooze...so...yeah.
RandomName (5 May, 2012) Reply
The ONLY reason for 11 is because they steal all the popular songs.
Magic Alexx (17 Jun, 2012) Reply
This is just about sales, not what really matters: quality, impact, influence or any measure of talent. Also, today, it's a lot easier to buy an album/single, you can do it with a click of a button. And in the past singles were a lot more 'popular' than full-length albums. Manufactured artists have been around for a while, The Beatles started off as one of them, a *product*, their public images, but they had enough talent to get out of that trap. Milli Vannilli was when people seemed to open their eyes, but it seems things have gotten worse. The state of popular music today is deplorable, and it's hard to find good new original music. Lots of fnatastic things being done, but there seems to be some kind of an information overload, at least to my ears. I personally thik we're in a period of 'transition' (Think Betamax, Laserdisc, 1920's). And it's not just cultural.
aman (30 Jul, 2012) Reply
why is celine dion on the list?? she isn't mainstream these days. Also, she's actually an amazing artist who can actually sing very well. ive never seen or heard her songs on billboard 100
Tim (9 Aug, 2012) Reply
Loved the last one.
Zombies and Braaaains (18 Aug, 2012) Reply
That just goes to show that people have really bad taste in music..
Oleg (28 Aug, 2012) Reply
Sales number doesn't equal quality. Also now young kids have more money, and can buy music easily than before.
Guy who hates Berber (4 Sep, 2012) Reply
Why has nobody put a bullet in number 12 yet?
Tom (19 Jun, 2013)
They did you just can't see it
I hate POP (1 Oct, 2012) Reply
I blame all the self obsessed girl fans.
RVAlover (6 Oct, 2012) Reply
I dont think the Beatles were any good. Am I the only one? Their voices were mediocre, their songs were dull and boring, and they were not very good live. Its just fact. They are terribly overrated.
Peter (19 Jun, 2013)
Well I can agree with you that they sucked when live, but they had alright voices and many different fun and catchy songs
english (9 Oct, 2012) Reply
ok so number 11 the cast of glee has had more singles in the chartsthan the beatles... but some how i dont think they are worth any thing near what the beatles are worth...
Oniönhead (12 Nov, 2012) Reply
Nina (18 Nov, 2012) Reply
More people = larger market.
Many labels nowadays end up buying their own records to bump up the charts.
This comparison is meaningless.
Paul (23 Nov, 2012) Reply
U idiot, pop music is the music of the time, stop comparing and judging!!!
Realist (7 Feb, 2013) Reply
This new music is what you get, when parents tell little Billy and Sally that they can sing (when they really can't) and that there poo doesn't stink. When all the kids at a sporting event get trophies just for showing up. When there are no winners or loosers. Yes, this will be part of our down fall as a people.
but... (6 Jun, 2013) Reply
...Bob Marley sucks and reggae is the worst genre of music ever, so that's not a good enough reason to be upset over number 10.
Generic name (19 Jun, 2013)
I dislike your opinion. Therefor I am better then you
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