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Shadow (1 Mar, 2012) Reply
Glad I was never a teenager.
Old bugger (1 Mar, 2012)
No, when i was young teenagers didn't existed.
@Old bugger (21 May, 2013)
Apparently grammar "didn't existed" when you were young, either.
Graphologist (1 Mar, 2012) Reply
Chart is wrong. Red line should stay on bottom straight across.
30+ (2 Mar, 2012)
nate (1 Mar, 2012) Reply
And I always thought you stopped being a Teen at 19, not 24. Guess I was doing it wrong.
Sure (1 Mar, 2012) Reply
Com man you're 24 nothing better to do than draw stupid totally not funny graphs
Sleepy Boy McGee (2 Mar, 2012)
you're how old? you've got nothing better to do than comment on 'not funny graphs'? (english good you speak)
Mr. Time (1 Mar, 2012) Reply
Because You should always Think you're an ugly boring bastard that no one likes, so now go out there and fail everything like the Internet wants You too.
That Nice Mr Internet (1 Mar, 2012)
Aww! The Internet wants me too!
Mr. Time (1 Mar, 2012)
Lols, to*
another old guy (1 Mar, 2012) Reply
Dang pimple faced little !@#$ Teenagers good fer nothin punks AND GET OFF MY LAWN!
winterhog (4 Mar, 2012) Reply
Pretty true. But Socrates was first.
?!? (4 Mar, 2012) Reply
This doesn't make sense. Where and what are the dependent factors?
X = time Y = a void.
i guess (11 Mar, 2012)
X=time Y=degree of coolness
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