Proof that USB cables exist in 4-dimensional space
Proof that USB cables exist in 4-dimensional space
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cavaco silva (22 Feb, 2012) Reply
USB cables at least...
Waitaminute (22 Feb, 2012) Reply
Proves yar dummy, is all that proves. We live in a 2-dimensional world. No strings, no time. we can't get off the page.
Jeeers (22 Feb, 2012) Reply
So true!! :D
Kukulis (22 Feb, 2012) Reply
Almost every time! Idea - it could be useful if you start turn the cable alredy before attempt to plug it in.
senseless_guy (22 Feb, 2012) Reply
Troll science or dumb science?
honestly (22 Feb, 2012) Reply
All this proves is that the person exhibited in this drawing is familiar with the usb / computer systems. You don't force any component together, if it doesn't go, try flipping, if that doesn't work examine the slot and figure out why you messed up the first time.
actually (23 Feb, 2012)
your comment proves that's your're not getting this and/or you're not familiar with plugging USB deveices.
Skipweasel (23 Feb, 2012)
Though it's not helped by companies that use non-standard orientation on their connectors. Which way up a socket is is defined in the standard - but my (painfully slow) memory stick from Kingston is upside down and annoying.
Pootenfresh (22 Feb, 2012) Reply
Same with US standard electrical outlets and plugs.
da troof (22 Feb, 2012) Reply
its funny cuz its true
Niels Bohr (23 Feb, 2012) Reply
Cables have spin 1/2.
Niels brother (25 Feb, 2012)
Ya, but they have no charm.
stubborn bastard (14 Mar, 2012) Reply
true true
AnthonnyAG (9 Mar, 2013) Reply
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