Titanic vs. Noah's Ark
Something doesn't seem right...
Titanic vs. Noah's Ark
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anon (14 Feb, 2012) Reply
Perhaps the mammals were taken as babies, and the reptiles as unhatched eggs...
hmmm (14 Feb, 2012)
Perhaps you're a retard.
Factually challenged (14 Feb, 2012)
Baby mammals require milk so the adults would still be necessary unless the ark had a giant refrigerator. Reptile eggs need specific levels of heat and humidity to hatch, so again that wouldn't be feasible.
Gari (18 Feb, 2012)
"Perhaps you're a retard." - I second that.
HotForChrist19 (19 Feb, 2012)
You don't need milk or heat and humidity when you have the Lord by your side... God wathces over us all and just as He told Noah to build the Ark, so did he keep the animal babies alive.
gayforchrist (1 Oct, 2012)
Like I said you dont need the things that are essential for survival. Look at the starving children in Africa. They dont need milk or food they got GOD by their side.
DrChimRichalds (14 Feb, 2012) Reply
It had French doors - those can really open a place up.
korgwm (14 Feb, 2012)
Adamski (14 Feb, 2012) Reply
Don't see what the issue is here.
17,400 birds
12,000 reptiles
9,000 mammals
5,000 amphibians
2,000,000 insects
is more than enough food to last 8 people for one year. The floods were rain water so plenty of salt-free water to drink too
rick'james (15 Feb, 2012)
Your comment is full of win, sir
D (18 Feb, 2012)
piling on (13 May, 2012)
Agreed. Adamski has it.
kid (29 Aug, 2012)
kinda dumb still since the animals were intended to replenish the earth and no be food for the 8 people on board. so if they became food for 8 people, how did they appear again?
Seth (28 Oct, 2012)
True true
Trollolol (14 Feb, 2012) Reply
I guess that people, carnivores and omnivores could eat fish, but herbivores - just like all vegans - were screwed :D
LOLing@troll (14 Feb, 2012)
Zelda (14 Feb, 2012) Reply
Of course it doesn't seem right. Noah and his Ark are a myth. You might as well try looking for the bones of the Minotaur on Crete.
Trollolol (14 Feb, 2012)
As far as we know - there was a huge flood when the Black Sea formed. The process was abrupt and may have been passed on as a legend where all world, as inhabitants of the region knew it, was drowned. Maybe there even was some guy who somehow found out what was going to happen and built a ship?
Allegory (14 Feb, 2012)
It's really a word!
Deathgod (14 Feb, 2012) Reply
It's a miracle!
Old Guy (14 Feb, 2012) Reply
Famous myth... there was no Titanic. It was just a movie.
Simon Fi (14 Feb, 2012) Reply
Perhaps Noah was the first Dr Who?
General Observation (15 Feb, 2012)
That last part made you sound like Batman...or an owl...Whatever.
Batman (15 Feb, 2012)
Noah (14 Feb, 2012) Reply
Perhaps they didn't need nearly as many species... You don't need every type of bear (black bear, polar bear, etc.), just a couple, and then let micro-evolution take its course as they adapt to the climate afterward. "Ark experts" use much lower numbers of animals than this when they estimate how much space was required.
Ph.retard (14 Feb, 2012)
So evolution is OK as long as it makes one's thought correct and is quick enough to create diversity in races and families but no so fast or persistent as to create a different species.
... (14 Feb, 2012)
But that would be missing the point. It's one of every animal, not one of every animal that can thus lead to various genetic variations.
M (14 Feb, 2012) Reply
It must have been painted white on the inside! Case solved.
Cave Johnson (14 Feb, 2012)
Now you're thinking with Portals!
Person #8 (14 Feb, 2012) Reply
Whats with this shovel you gave me Noah?
Stoned (14 Feb, 2012) Reply
Well! If evolution is right, Noah had to take only like 2 amoebas on board! Get it? Because they evolve! Into Voltrobs! All hail Hitlerjesus!
Not an American (14 Feb, 2012) Reply
Noah was probably an American.
An America (14 Feb, 2012)
That explains why they could only fit 8 people on board. As for the animals, they winzipped or tarred and gz'ed them.
Whatever (14 Feb, 2012) Reply
No problem. They just went fishing every day. Lots of food surrounding the ark. :)
Cubits (14 Feb, 2012) Reply
Why oh why did they have to save the mosquitos.
Bob (14 Feb, 2012) Reply
So what you're saying, is that if the Titanic had carried more animals, it wouldn't have sunk?
Physics Proffessor. (15 Feb, 2012)
Yes. Exactly. All animals can swim, or float, hence, with more animals on board the Titanic, it could have stayed afloat until the Newfoundland coast, thereby avoiding the disaster that happened to them. Every ship should have 20 animals per square foot of hold space.
NOAH.. (15 Feb, 2012) Reply
Hahahahaaah, we didn't have OSHA or PETA back then. I built it out of the cheapest wood possible, using substandard material, and crammed those suckers into the smallest room possible. So sue me.
GLaDOS (15 Feb, 2012) Reply
They must have lured them in with cake
Fox Mulder (15 Feb, 2012) Reply
maybe Noah was an alien and he collected the DNA of all of those species to save them from some disaster?
@fox mulder (1 Oct, 2012)
I love watch Ancient Aliens too!! Better than the bible
Fun Dementor Lizst (15 Feb, 2012) Reply
Oh ye of little faith!
Atheist (15 Feb, 2012) Reply
It's religion. It's just a fairy tale. Of course it doen't seem right.
Scientist (15 Feb, 2012)
There is no difference between religion and atheism. Both are based on equally non-scientific beliefs that has been neither proven nor falsified.
Atheist Freedom Fighter (15 Feb, 2012)
There is a major fail in your brain, scientist. You are totally wrong by and with your definition of atheism. Theism propaganda. Atheism is no religion. Atheism is the lack of religion. There ist no nothing that is something. As there is no proven fact for gods and many proven facts of the absence of gods the momentary conclusion is: There is no god.
Agnost (15 Feb, 2012)
There exists no such thing as proof.
(consequently, that in itself can not be proven)
Everything you think to know is based on assumptions.
cogito cogito, ergo cogito sum
The Atheistical Atheist (15 Feb, 2012) Reply
Actually, on the research, if you go back to the core genetic code that could have differentiated into the various species we have today in only 5000 years, you end up with nearly exactly the right amount of species that could fit onto a boat that size...with enough food to boot. Bummer for the Evolutionists in our group that day, I tell you...poor guys :(
Goa'uld (15 Feb, 2012)
Kneel before your god!
Really, if you believe that, you need mental help (15 Feb, 2012)
You can't get genetic variations of that magnitude in 5,000 years. Dipsitck is what you get with acceleration of genetic change, instead of Dipstick with realistic genetic evolution.
Tealc (15 Feb, 2012)
Question about the fairy tale. (16 Feb, 2012)
How dit the koala bear get to the Ark and afterwards back to Australia? Over land and then building a boat? Eating dried eucalyptus leaves from a bag?
Questioner of Questions (16 Nov, 2012)
Wouldn't Pangea be a logical explanation for the animals coming to and from the ark? In Genesis 10:25 it describes a time period when the land breaks apart and separates, and it's about 100 years after when the flood would have taken place.
Z Dr. (18 Feb, 2012) Reply
Dimensional compression.
KJ (20 Feb, 2012) Reply
How did the Australian, North American and South American animals knew how to make it back to their respective continents? How did the rats and snakes live together? How about the dinosaurs?
God (5 Mar, 2012)
Seems legit.
Perry Dontal (20 Feb, 2012) Reply
couldn't Noah fit just a couple of dinosaurs on board?
Michael the fallen (20 Feb, 2012) Reply
what i don't get is why would an "almighty God" who created animals with a snap if his fingers, need to save animals on a boat when all he would have to do is snap his fingers again to create them again when the water recedes?
FUT (23 Feb, 2012) Reply
you are all extremely unintelligent in actually discussing this
HunterAlpha1 (24 Feb, 2012) Reply
keep in mind that there were much fewer variations of animal life in those times.
@hunteralpha (1 Oct, 2012)
are you mental!?!
Nick (15 May, 2012) Reply
And given there were 2 ants, those were the two hungriest anteaters you ever saw.
Just sayin'...
person (19 Sep, 2012) Reply
Hey guys, If I was God. I'd do whatever I want. If this was true. God could put probably all the animals at that time in the boat. It could be that not all the species, we have today, were there. Some believe in the theory that Wolves and dogs are similar so it maybe it would just be 2 different wolves without dogs. Same as the Cat family. If all the species were young, they probably all could fit. It is also possible that God could just knock all the species out until the day the water receded. The boat is not made of just wood. cyprus with tar and probably the most durable. Also the boat could hardly be flipped and very well made overall. Idk, who knows what God thinks. God is God, he knows what to do even if it sounds crazy.
Zed (1 Oct, 2012)
But the bible said it had one of every species on the boat. Just like it says earth is flat and center of th universe. He also wouldnt need a flood to take care of what the flood was intended to do. He also wouldnt need a boat, and if he did he would have made 100 boats. These primitive idiots didnt know how big the planet was and how many different types of species of animals there were. Time to evolve and quit believing this crap
Seth (28 Oct, 2012) Reply
I've heard the half of this... LMFAOOO.. FAIL.
Titanic is larger and holds more yet really holds less...
**Genesis 6:14 - 6:22
ThisImageIsDeceiving (7 Dec, 2012) Reply
The figures of the animals in Noah's Ark here are made up. In reality their only need to be a total of 16,000 animals aboard the ark. (visit link)
Retard (16 Mar, 2013) Reply
"The bigger you are, the harder you fall" just like the Titanic. The winner is: (drum role) Noah's Ark !!
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