It doesn't matter how many resources you have
If you don't know how to use them, it will never be enough.
It doesn't matter how many resources you have
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Trollolol (11 Feb, 2012) Reply
That's how modern software treats our hardware.
LandLord (11 Feb, 2012)
I lol'd :D
Computer User (11 Feb, 2012) Reply
That's how programers treat users.
MrMr (11 Feb, 2012)
Or how politicians and the elite treat "we the people!"
Trollolol (11 Feb, 2012)
@Computer User: That's how executives make programmers treat users.
Droogans (13 Feb, 2012)
I second that.
relative (11 Feb, 2012) Reply
That's how P.W. Herman found his bike
TrueSpeaker (11 Feb, 2012)
Kat (24 Aug, 2012)
Are you kidding me? You seriously don't know who Peewee is? He was one one of the most famous kid show actors best known for his show and Peewees big adventure with the aforementioned bicycle.
ladders-r-us (11 Feb, 2012) Reply
If that guy just had more ladders - - he'd be fine.
ladders-r-you (13 Feb, 2012)
FINALLY someone with some common sense around here!
Pantone453 (11 Feb, 2012) Reply
WTF? That IS Peewee Herman!
P. W. Herman (11 Feb, 2012)
Yes! And I found my bike!
The other side of the wall (11 Feb, 2012) Reply
It appears that they have evolved enough to use tools. We must make the wall higher.
rAnDoM CoMmEnTeR (11 Feb, 2012) Reply
Mr. Kilroy. And now you know the REST... of the story.
Cynical Sam (14 Feb, 2012)
Reminds me of this comic: (visit link)
EUro (11 Feb, 2012) Reply
Oh, look! A Greek!
PW Herman (11 Feb, 2012) Reply
There is no basement at the Alamo.
hejhula (13 Feb, 2012) Reply
The ladder in front on the left could not be that way.
Manager (16 Feb, 2012) Reply
I need more ladders in here, I can't climb this thing all by myself!
joe boadi (21 Feb, 2012) Reply
i lyk it
Grizzly Beer (7 Mar, 2012) Reply
Not true. If i had 80,000,000 ladders, I could stack them well above that wall.
Never be enough? (4 Sep, 2012) Reply
Looks like hes almost there though... just 20 or 30 more ladders.
Hello (14 Oct, 2013) Reply
I saw a lot of images from this book (with the same style : work smart, ...). Does anyone know what are the references or the author of this book? Thanks
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