Latest internet trend: cat breading
Cat breading is the process of cutting a hole in a piece of bread, and then slipping it onto the face of your cat. For more info visit this site.
Latest internet trend: cat breading
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inbreadCat (11 Feb, 2012) Reply
Hey, number 6 is a picture of me!
Deathgod (11 Feb, 2012) Reply
These cats do not look impressed!
meow (11 Feb, 2012) Reply
And we like to say that they do weird stuff in Japan. yup.
Momma (11 Feb, 2012) Reply
Don't play with food!
Poppa (11 Feb, 2012)
Oh please, like that harms the cat's flavor in any way ...
J. D. Salinger (11 Feb, 2012) Reply
You missed a few letters. CATcher IN THE RYE.
(Page 236 is the best...)
... (16 Feb, 2012)
Sorry, I read good books.
Caturday (11 Feb, 2012) Reply
Kittys For Meals (11 Feb, 2012) Reply
Chef (11 Feb, 2012) Reply
They all need CATSUP.
2manychefs (13 Feb, 2012)
they all need bacon
Bob (11 Feb, 2012) Reply
Korean Barbecue Sandwiches
Just Sayin' (11 Feb, 2012) Reply
Vast improvement on feline appearance ... adds that comic touch that cats are missing.
catpurr (12 Feb, 2012) Reply
Dana (12 Feb, 2012) Reply
Addicting Games actually has a cat breading game: (visit link)
cat sammich (12 Feb, 2012) Reply
i like mustard on mine
Frank (12 Feb, 2012) Reply
sad (13 Feb, 2012)
sorry to hear that. hope you get better.
I See Bread People (12 Feb, 2012) Reply
I always wondered what Koreans had for breakfast
WOW (15 Feb, 2012)
You mean instead of your mom?
marine_in_okinawa (13 Feb, 2012) Reply
K (13 Feb, 2012) Reply
And on the same time people starving in the world..
Mah (13 Feb, 2012) Reply
I'd be impressed if you could do it with a dog.
M0f00 (16 Feb, 2012) Reply
oh a new cat humiliation technique for steeling their incredibly sinister dignity and confidence. sweet.
AHA! (19 Feb, 2012)
Cat lady ^
mmm (19 Feb, 2012) Reply
Chow Yun Obese (20 Feb, 2012) Reply
breaded cat is delicious!
Intel (29 Mar, 2012) Reply
No 3 looks like lion
Catholic guy (2 Jun, 2012) Reply
I can see a cat's face in toast! IT MUST BE GOD!!!
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