If celebrities were ordinary Americans
Not sure why there are two pictures of Sarah Jessica Parker...
If celebrities were ordinary Americans
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123456 (6 Feb, 2012) Reply
it`s fun , because they are almost all fat. like me. i hate myself.
Not Really (6 Feb, 2012) Reply
Who made this? Why do you have to assume that "ordinary American" means overweight and with a terrible sense of style?
Having said that, the Tara Reid one is pretty funny.
Americans are fat (6 Feb, 2012)
Not really, do you ever leave your house?
Barbarian (6 Feb, 2012)
Look at the statistics. Americans are damn fat. Like the Romans. Before the Roman Empire fell. Soon...
... (8 Feb, 2012)
Agreed. Every country has their fatasses.
jimmy_bean (15 Feb, 2012)
Re:Not Really: American's are often fat and always ALWAYS without style. Which one are you?
omg omg omg (6 Feb, 2012) Reply
The one of Cameron Diaz is almost as creepy as her in real life.
mission improbable (6 Feb, 2012) Reply
tom cruise does sling blade
Hurrumph (29 Mar, 2012)
Some folks call it a sling blade, I call it a Kaiser blade.
you want gravy with that (29 Jan, 2014)
naw, i like my biscuits with EXPLODING SUNGLASSES
G Bush (6 Feb, 2012) Reply
Playas gotta play, Haters gonna hate
KJ (7 Feb, 2012) Reply
There is no Justin Bieber punchline!!!
Exxos (7 Feb, 2012) Reply
I like how even fat, Gwen Stefani is hot.
111 (7 Feb, 2012) Reply
Who are all those people?
Deathgod (7 Feb, 2012) Reply
who's the girl next to tara reed?
French (17 Feb, 2012)
Marion Cotillard, you know the french girl from inception
elly (14 Mar, 2012)
that's Hillary Duff
Huh (7 Feb, 2012) Reply
Travolta doesn't look all that different. And I'm not sure who the one to the right of Sarah Jessica Parker is supposed to be.
spot (7 Feb, 2012)
scrolled up and lol
Indeed (7 Feb, 2012)
Without his toupé he might look like that.
SHANDRA (7 Feb, 2012) Reply
JayJay (8 Feb, 2012) Reply
SOME of these photoshoppes are so real, I thought they were from my past.
Fat Han Solo in Carbonite (8 Feb, 2012) Reply
I can't figure out who is to the right of Aniston the Hutt. Who TF are those two?
Cletus (9 Feb, 2012)
Jackham and Slosh
rotten (9 Feb, 2012) Reply
I'm pretty sure the Tara Reid one isn't photoshopped
i lol'd (10 Feb, 2012) Reply
wait a minute, is there a curly blonde next to SJP or is it a mirror?
Joey (16 Feb, 2012) Reply
This is FuNnY!
defnotamerican (23 Feb, 2012) Reply
most americans are overweight and have no sense of style... not all of them .... but most... and definitly the overweight problem. bunch of fatties. fat fat fatties
By the way... (1 Apr, 2012) Reply
David and Victoria Beckham are not American.
ogoboso (21 Jan, 2014) Reply
Pretty sure that's just a normal photo of Travolta in his "between movies" look.
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