Halden prison in Norway
It made me realize something really awkward...
Halden prison in Norway
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J.J. McClure (23 Jan, 2012) Reply
Instead of studying at Gløshaugen I should just stab somebody. At least I'd be richer
TAV (23 Jan, 2012) Reply
Im considering moving to Norway. Im angry enough to kill now. when you enter the wrong security code. YOU HAVE TO RE-TYPE THIS STUFF!
You should (23 Jan, 2012)
Do what I do. Copy the text of your comment before pressing the "add" button. Then when you get that infuriating security code message (which sometimes you get even after TRIPLE CHECKING to make sure the code is correct!), you can just paste your comment back, add your name and new security code, and you're back in business. Sure it's an extra step, but it beats all that retyping. :)
Brainman (23 Jan, 2012)
Use Firefox + Lazarus. Never lose a Text again.
Or you could (24 Jan, 2012)
Just not open multiple tabs. You see, it only recognizes the last code it gave you(otherwise known as the last tab you opened). Simply refresh the page and type away.
If I'm wrong, this wont go through.
Judge (23 Jan, 2012) Reply
The point is... they can't leave until they are allowed to. Can't even turn on a light. Can't eat when they are hungry. Can't even visit the bathroom until allowed. No rights at all.
@Judge (23 Jan, 2012)
Except for the fact that the only thing they can't do is to leave. All the other stuff they are free to do when they want.
GenX (23 Jan, 2012) Reply
I don´t understand the logic. Would it not be enough to LIVE in Norway to get even better living condition? That is the case in Sweden where I live and I guess the same goes for Norway.
Brainman (23 Jan, 2012)
Spock: To hunt a species to extinction is not logical.
Dr. Gillian Taylor: Whoever said the human race was logical?
deathgod (23 Jan, 2012) Reply
well... i don't know... maybe living in an IKEA jail is the real punishment...just saying...
Canadian (23 Jan, 2012)
You must be American, IKEA is Swedish, this is about Norway.
Deathgod (24 Jan, 2012)
the room looked like a sad IKEA catalog... not really thinking about the nationality of a multinational company...
dfdfdf (23 Jan, 2012) Reply
that is low security prison. Naturelly they get more stuff around. btw - check Karosta for prison hotel and google for "Russian prisons" Русская тюрьма
oh boy, those are awesomely insane :D
To be fair (23 Jan, 2012) Reply
Norway doesnt have a very diverse society. That typically cuts down on most of your problems.
ThatAwkwardMoment (23 Jan, 2012)
When you read something as true as politically incorrect
4343 (23 Jan, 2012) Reply
and than you realise they send you back to your country so you can rott there
Troubleman (23 Jan, 2012) Reply
The funny thing is this "soft" punishment works: Norway has less repeat offenders than in most other countries.
winterhog (26 Jan, 2012)
It is most likely not the "soft punishment" but the overall low crime rate. And a prison is still a prison - Norway is a rich country, so it has 'rich' prisons. It is still much better to be free, work and earn a lot of money.
Trap (23 Jan, 2012) Reply
Makes me mad that this is where that guy who shot 87 children there last summer is going to go.
winnie the pooh (23 Jan, 2012)
that s ok in 20 year he will be out and then he will need to find a job.
mentalz (24 Jan, 2012)
well, he will prolly be going to the mental ward at ILA prison...not quite the same comforts there..
Battle (23 Jan, 2012) Reply
Actually, if a person from other country brakes laws ir Norway and gets a prison penalty, then Norway sends them back to their country, where they have to sit in their prison's. :D
I heard that some lithuanians tried this, but ended up in a really bad prison in Lithuania.
Johnnydoeist (23 Jan, 2012) Reply
Breivik the christian nutjob terrorist must be living very happily
ThA-B (24 Jan, 2012) Reply
Prison is a state of mind. What would look like a *** hotel to most actually is same old cell for inmates since they are not just staying over for a night there, but every night over and over again for days, months, years. same old window that you cannot open, tv that is showing only cartoons and grays anatomy, same old climbing wall, library, kitchen, trail in forest. over and over again.
From denmark.. NORTH!! (24 Jan, 2012) Reply
I know It must seem strange to you from the U.S. But there is a reason that you live in one of the most violent country In the world. If you government haven’t made you sow afraid of “communism” ore as we call it, left wing parties. You might have experienced that a mix of capitalism and communism works. Not a accident Denmark are one of the riches and happiest people in the world.
LogiC (24 Jan, 2012) Reply
Isn't Norway one of the countries with "socialist" health care, "socialist" welfare system and all that? Isn't it also one of those countries with the highest general happiness rates, longest public holidays, best public education, best medical system, highest average salary, and various other things in the world, that make the U.S. look like a pile of crap that's been stood in? The people have it so much better there, that is only what the prison is like.
winterhog (26 Jan, 2012)
Actually no, Norway is as capitalist as most capitalist countries. It is only pretty much statist and the citizens pay quite high taxes. Nevertheless, they are rich, so they still have a lot money for spending. Being a small country chock full of natural resources also helps. I wouldn't be surprised if the Norway's wealth was fully backed up with something.
I'm thinkin' (24 Jan, 2012) Reply
That's norway to run a prison...
Sven (25 Jan, 2012) Reply
HHhhhmmmmm.... the Norwegian Pelican Bay?
Commie (25 Jan, 2012) Reply
Yes, our(the Norwegian) penal system works, but sadly not on the immigrants that now are over-represented on the Norwegian crime statistics. About 80% is immigrants from non western countries. The Few Norwegians that go to jail usually never go back.
winterhog (26 Jan, 2012)
Just read your the last sentence once more :) I knew there is a trick someone!
Big Harp Parker (27 Jan, 2012) Reply
@#$!ing Europeans...
Juniper (30 Jan, 2012) Reply
WTF is awkward about such a moment?
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