Why being a cat is awesome
Made by Ida.
Why being a cat is awesome
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Shorty (14 Jan, 2012) Reply
This is not a surprise. People who love cats tend to have creepy ideas.
Skipweasel (14 Jan, 2012) Reply
Having your nuts chopped off.
In barbaric countries, having the last joint of your fingers cut off to stop you scratching things.
Not always being able to find a pile of clean washing to snuggle on.
asdf (14 Jan, 2012)
my cat is not declawed nor deballed
guess hes lucky
Flamethrower (14 Jan, 2012)
In the U.S. animals are things like furniture and get declawed and denutted without mercy.
Updogs (14 Jan, 2012)
@Flamethrower: In China, dogs and cats are things like cattle and get skinned, butchered, and eaten without catsup. Or dogsup.
true (14 Jan, 2012) Reply
Another downside would be that youre a cat, which pretty much sticks you into the group of pathetic loser single virgins and people who are alergic to dogs...
false (14 Jan, 2012)
"true" you're a complete moron.
Deathgod (14 Jan, 2012) Reply
have you guys ever thought about... how awesome it would be to be a velociraptor?
Not really. (15 Jan, 2012)
What's so awesome about being extinct?
Deathgod (15 Jan, 2012)
just a guess about jurassic park sci fi... I would like to have a try walking in a mall and see the people faces. And you can open beer cans like nothing, with that set of jaws it would be easy to eat raw meat, and you are fast as hell!
Regnad Kcin (14 Jan, 2012) Reply
Is that a woman smoking a pipe in the first panel?
Semloh Kcolrehs (15 Jan, 2012)
Good observation, but no. Since the smoking implement has vanished by the next time we see her, we may deduce that apparently she was only holding it for someone else. WHO that someone was MAY be the clue we need to get to the bottom of this.
OMG (18 Jan, 2012) Reply
You scrolled all the way down here? Good job! Proceed to Next >> picture?