Stupid names for children
Rich people just don't get enough attention, so they name their kids something really dumb to stand out.
Stupid names for children
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winnie the pooh (12 Jan, 2012) Reply
In France you call the minimum of this curve les bobos
Deathgod (12 Jan, 2012) Reply
I have 4 names and 2 surnames... my family is wealthy...
guest (13 Jan, 2012)
still you prefer Deathgod as a nickname
Deathgod (13 Jan, 2012)
It was the first nickname I used on the first pic I commented... doesn't mean anything in particular,I got used to it... it was only fitted for the pic in question...
Giggles (21 Jan, 2012)
Sure you aren't just hispanic? (total joke)
LogiC (12 Jan, 2012) Reply
For some reason Tom Cruise came to mind. Not Katie Holmes, just Tom Cruise.
Enter code here: (12 Jan, 2012) Reply
It's not related to wealth but celebrity status and/or race.
Just sayin' (12 Jan, 2012) Reply
This doesn't just apply to baby names.
Mr. Time (12 Jan, 2012)
you are trolling, right?
Kris (12 Jan, 2012) Reply
She couldn't afford a car so she named her daughter Alexus
sadfak (12 Jan, 2012)
oh LOL
ShawniquaBilliamFarquar (12 Jan, 2012) Reply
lawl wut?
Farp Grizwald (12 Jan, 2012) Reply
the names are not "stupid", just unique.
Yeah? Right! (12 Jan, 2012)
Like on one end we have Giraffe, Lemonjello, and Oranjello; and on the other end Apple, Ocean, and Lyric. Very unique names!
1111 (12 Jan, 2012) Reply
off the chart (12 Jan, 2012) Reply
Hollyweird celebutards are the worst.
Foodar (12 Jan, 2012) Reply
If you're rich you call your eldest child Les Bobos.
Zwongel (13 Jan, 2012) Reply
menesica (13 Jan, 2012) Reply
try my name
1+2=3 (13 Jan, 2012) Reply
ivy blue... what the hell did beyonce think...
Schoolyard Bully (14 Jan, 2012) Reply
I just love the parents who give their children stupid wussy names
lawrence (24 Jan, 2012) Reply
wizz (10 Apr, 2012) Reply
I definitely agree with that.
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